Writing A Review

1.) First click the vote button on the left that looks like this.

2.) Go ahead and vote, and it will put you on the page shown below, click the circled tab called "Review".

After clicking the "Review" tab, if you dont already have an account with hopzone make one by clicking here.

3.) Once you have registered and/or logged in go ahead and write your review, remember if you write a review for us we will give you 15 elemental crystals of your choice! Just pm balls on the forums after you have made a review and tell him what type of crystals you want. Remember we are not asking you to lie, or make false claims about our server, and we are not asking you to give us a perfect score either. Just be honest, but positive reviews would be appreciated, for example if your new to the server and dont know how sieges, or GMs are, dont give it a 1 just cause you dont know yet. You can write a review telling people what you like about our server!