How to Ping our server

This is a test commonly used to help diagnose lag issues. Follow the direction below to learn how to Ping our server.

1.) We will assume you have windows 7. Other versions of windows have very similar steps. Click the start menu and in the search box type in cmd.

2.) The results will show a cmd or cmd.exe, click it, it will open a black box on your screen.

3.) In the box type the following ping then press enter. Wait a few moments for the results.

4.) We will now show you how to paste these results somewhere, right click inside the black box and left click "Mark".

5.) Now press your left mouse button and drag your cursor across the area you want to copy, it will be highlighted. Once you have highlighted everything you want to copy, click your right mouse button and it will be saved to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want.