Newbie Bonus Guide

- New players start out with various items such as Oath GC/GCM, Oath Top 84 Lifestones, a random Oath Tattoo and 1000 Newbie Scrolls which can be used in the GM Shop under the Newbie Section to get items such as Oath Elegia/Vorpal armor pieces, Oath Vorpal jewels, Oath Striped Mithril Shirt - CP, and many more items! (Oath items are non-tradeable versions of the original item, also Oath equipment is easier to enchant/element than it's non-Oath originals)

- New players receive rewards at the following levels: 10, 20, 40, 52, 61, 70, 76, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85! These rewards include a Heartstone which can be used in the GM Shop to get a Top S84 Weapon, and enough adena to keep the highest grade gear as you level!

- A custom buff called Blessing of Protection which prevents ANY player that is 2 or more levels difference then you from attacking you. (Blessing of Protection is automatically given to new players when using the NPC Buffer, you can also get it under the "Others" section in the NPC Buffer. The protection will be broken if you flag.)

- Event mode designed for new players called Limited Mode, in this mode the max enchant is +10 so players with +20 gear will only have stats of +10 gear which gives new players a fairer chance, also no clan/hero skills are allowed in this mode. This mode happens 50% of the time. The events mode is specified in the announcements when the event is announced.

- Great benefits for new clans that contain 6 or more new characters to the server, These benefits include an instant level 6 clan with 40k rep points and a free Fortress (if one is available). To receive these benefits type .newbie in game to read more details.

- New players also receive 30 days of additional rewards in the form of newbies scrolls from activies such as Voting, Events. and Instances, all of which already give great rewards!

- Highly active GM's that actually enjoy helping people with many ways to contact us such as, facebook, email, in-game petitions, and forums!