Leveling Guide 1-85

Leveling Guide Level 1 - Level 85
Lvl: 1-85
Type: Solo or Group
Reward: Level 85 (and many leveling rewards!)

1.) When you first spawn you will be level 1 and a message should pop up on your screen that says Welcome to L2 Equanimity on the top with some tips about our server, read them then use the Oath Secret Stash for Tattoos bag in your inventory and equip the tattoo that comes out (Don't forget to drag the soulshots and spiritshots from your inventory to your skill bar and right click them so they auto use). Then kill some of the mobs around you and continue up the ramps as you level. Once you get to level 10 a message will pop congratulating you for getting to level 10 and giving you a couple of rewards, toward the bottom of the message will be a couple of options of areas to teleport to continue leveling, choose School of Dark Arts.

2.) After you've teleported to School of Dark Arts talk to the NPC Buffer next to where you spawn and get buffs that best fit your class type (Fighter or Mage). Now that your buffed up continue killing mobs around you until your level 20. When you get to level 20 another message will pop up on your screen giving you another reward and a couple more teleport options. Click the Execution Grounds option, once your there you should see a little question mark at the bottom left of your screen, click and and choose your level 20 class change, then continue killing mobs around where you spawned until level 35.

3.) Now that your level 35 head back to the Global Gatekeeper close to where you spawned in and click the "Where should I level up at?" option, then click Death Pass (Mobs 35+). Once you get to Death Pass kill mobs around where you spawned until you get to level 40, at level 40 another message will pop giving another reward and the option to teleport to Giran, click the "Go to Giran" option.

4.) Once your in Giran, click the little question mark at the bottom left of your screen again to choose your level 40 class change. After you've done that head to a GM Shop and click the Weapons section then click the C-Grade section and pick a weapon that best suits your class. Next do the same only under the Armor > C-Grade and Jewels > C-Grade sections and pick some armor and jewels. (Robe for mages, Light for rogue types, and heavy for tanks generally for armor.) After your done getting your gear click the Ammo section in the GM Shop and buy a couple thousand C-Grade soulshots/blessed spiritshots, then head up the stairs to the Global Gatekeeper and once again click the "Where should I level up at?" section then click CoD Altar (Mobs 50+).

5.) At CoD Altar kill mobs until you reach level 52 (make sure you got armor/jewels and a weapon like I previously said or you will likely die here). At level 52 another message will pop up with a couple rewards and an option to teleport to the place you are already at, so just close it. Continue killing mobs until you get to level 55, then return to the Global Gatekeeper near where you spawned in at and teleport to CoD Pyramids (Mobs 65+).

6.) At CoD Pyramids continue to kill mobs until you reach level 61, then another message will pop up giving you more rewards and a teleport option, ignore the teleport option and close the pop up window. Continue killing mobs and leveling until you reach level 70. At level 70 another window will pop up giving you more rewards and a teleport option to Cave of Trials, click the teleport option and once you get to Cave of Trials talk to the GM Shop and buy yourself some A-Grade equipment the same way you bought the C-Grade equipment earlier. (Don't forget to get some A-Grade soulshots/blessed spiritshots too while your there)

7.) After buying your new A-Grade gear, continue killing mobs around the area of the GM Shop, you might be able to go to CoT Backroom under "Where should I level up at?" section in the Global Gatekeeper at this point as long as you have full A-Grade gear and you know what your doing with your class somewhat at least (If you go to CoT Backroom avoid badass mobs and the mobs named Fafnir and the group of mobs with Loki/Indra in it, they will likely kill you). Continue leveling in these two areas until you reach level 76, then yet again a message will pop up giving you a reward, go ahead and close it, then click the little question mark in the bottom left corner again to complete your third class change. Continue killing mobs in CoT Backroom until you reach level 80 at which point you will be rewarded again with a pop up message and an option to teleport to Frozen Waterfalls (Mobs 80+). (At this point I would recommend that you start using your Chocolate Cookies, especially if you have more than one to get your vitality to max which will increase your leveling speed, voting on the website does this too)

8.) Before heading to Frozen Waterfalls use a scroll of escape or /unstuck to get back to town, once your back in town go to the GM Shop and buy the best gear you can get for your level, preferably a S-80 Moirai Armor set and at least a S-Grade Dynasty Weapon if you can afford it, if you spend most of your adena don't worry you will get more in Frozen Waterfalls, but to do that need to be geared enough to not die over and over. Now that you have some better gear, head to the Global Gatekeeper and teleport to Frozen Waterfalls (Entrance). You will level here clear to level 84 at least, maybe 85. Kill mobs until you reach level 84 and you will be greeted by yet another pop up message with more rewards including a Heartstone(Heartstones are used in the GM Shop on the second page under the Top S84 section to get a Top S84 weapon instantly, you will also have gotten a reward at level 82 and level 83), then you can head back to town and use your Newbie Scrolls in your inventory under the Newbie section of the GM Shop to get a free S84 Armor set (Oath Elegia or Vorpal), an Oath Vorpal Jewel set, and an Oath Striped Mithril Shirt - CP.

9.) Once you have your S84 gear head back to Frozen Waterfalls, or you could try Valley of Lords which is a bit harder. Continue killing mobs until you get to level 85 and then you will be ready to start enjoying all our server has to offer! :D (Make sure to use any Chocolate Cookies you have left to make this last part faster if possible, now that you have S84 it should be easier)