Lineage 2 Equanimity Installation Guide

L2 Equanimity Installation Guide
Loc: Lineage 2 Equanimity Connect Page

1.) First if you don't already have the Lineage 2 High Five Client Installer, head to the website and click "Connect" on the left column, then click "Mirror 1" link on the Connect page to start the Lineage 2 High Five Client Download.

2.) Once the L2 High Five Client has finished downloading, extract it to a folder of your choice using a program like Winrar, just making a folder named L2 High Five Installer will work fine. Once it's done extracting there will be a file in the extracted files called Setup.exe, right click that file and click Run As Administrator (Running it as Administrator isn't 100% nessescary, if it doesn't work correctly that way just open it normally). When the installer opens click "Next" once then you will be given two options, "Complete" install or "Custom" install, complete install chooses the folder name for you and you can change it later, and custom install allows you to name the folder and choose the place Lineage 2 Installs, do whichever you prefer, I went with the Custom install so I could name the folder.

3.) After Lineage 2 High Five is done installing, head back to > "Connect" page and download the the Lineage 2 Equanimity Patch (the patch includes the Auto Updater which you will need for future updates). Once the L2 EQ Patch is done downloading drag the patch into your Lienage 2 High Five folder you installed earlier and extract it into that folder. (It will ask you if you want to replace files, click "Yes to All") After it is done extracting just open your System folder in the Lineage 2 High Five folder and right click the L2.exe file and click "Create Shortcut" then drag the new L2.exe - Shortcut file to your desktop and rename it to something like "Lineage 2 Equanimity" or whatever you prefer and your installation is complete. (The L2.exe file in your system folder might just be called "L2" if you dont have file extensions showing)

Download Links:
Lineage 2 High Five Client Installer (Mirror 1) = L2 High Five Client Installer (Mirror 1)
Lineage 2 High Five Client Installer (Mirror 2) = L2 High Five Client Installer (Mirror 2)

Winrar Extracting Program = Winrar Extraction Program