Making a Hostname

1.) The purpose of this section is to guide someone on how to make a hostname that points to their IP, that way people with more then one player from their IP can play in Events too even if they have a non stable IP.

2.) Go to and create an account there.

3.) While creating your account, make sure to click the checbox that says "Create my hostname later".

4.) After you have created an account and have logged in click the "Add Host" button in the top left corner.

5.) While creating a hostname most of the default setting are what you need, you just need to make up a hostname (you can make the hostname anything you want it to be, as long as someone already didnt already create the same host). It doesnt matter which one you choose. Also make sure you put your current IP in the "IP Address" section, if you dont know what your IP address is, you can check your router settings to see it, or go somewhere like and it will tell you.

6.) Remember the only things you need to fill in is the IO Address and the Hostname, everything else is already correct. When your done with that just click "Create Host" in the bottom right corner, then just tell a GM what your hostname is and it can be added to the IP exception list.

7.) The way this works is, anytime your IP changes just come back to this site and click "Manage Hosts" and then "Modify" and put in your new IP and click "Update". L2 Equanimity rechecks all hostnames in the IP exception list every 45 minutes, so you will be able to join an Event soon after it is added/updated.