Frequently asked Questions (FaQ)

Question: How does Seven Signs work?

Basics: Seven Signs is a competition between two teams. Their is team Dawn and then their is team Dusk, seven signs NPCs will refer to your team as your "Cabal", Team = Cabal. You can sign up for the Seven Signs competition in any town, just /target Dawn or /target Dusk to find the NPC. Which ever side wins can gain some benefits that could also effect the server. Please note you may not always be able to sign, you can only sign up during certain weeks, for the details, read below.

Alternating Periods: Seven Signs consists of two types of periods that last 1 week long each. The Quest Event Period and the Seal Validation Period. This period changes every week on Monday at 18:00 server time (6:00 PM PST GMT-8). Players can only sign up for Seven Signs during the Quest Event Period, however if you sign up during this period you will still be signed up during the the Seal Valdiation Period, but new people can not sign up during the Seal Validation Period. To see what the current period is press ALT+M it will bring up your map and it will tell you the current period.

Seals: When you sign up for Seven Signs you will be asked which seal you want to fight for, you are given the option of Seal of Avarice, Seal of Gnosis and Seal of Strife. Depending on how many people sign up for each specific Seal can alter which seal is "won" but your team. Your team must win your opponents team to claim any seals though. If your team wins you will up to all 3 seals, but you wont necessarily get them all, it depends on what your team mates signed for. 30% of your team must sign up for a seal to ahve the ability to claim it, however if your team won that seal in the previous even signs period, you will on ly need 10% of people to sign up for it, to claim it. You can see these %s and how much you need when you buy a record of seven signs at the GM Shop or a Dawn/Dust Priest.

Benfits/Penalties: If your team wins a seal, each seal has different benefits: Seal of Avarice unlocks the Merchant of Mammon, he will spawn randomly in necropolises during the seal validaiton period when avarice is won. He will be near the entrance but he will port to another Necropolis every 20 to 30 minutes. If you are not signed up for the team who won Avarice you wont be able to talk to the Mammon. Seal of Gnoises unlocks the Blacksmith of Mammon, but instead he is in catacombs instead of Necropolises and will port around much like the Merchant of Mammon does. Gnoises also unlocks the Orator of Revelations NPC in town that gives a special buff to the winners, and gives a debuff to the losers. Seal of Strife if won by Dawn allows castle owners to raise their taxes up to 25% (instead of 15%), stronger castle walls, and will limit attackers on castles ability to summon siege weapons. If Dusk wins taxes max amount is lowered to 5% (instead of 15%). Also no one can sign up to defend a castle, only the people who sign the castle may defend. Which ever sides gets strife will also benefit from a max CP bonus.

How to Win!: You win the competition in two different ways. The first is collecting seal stones from monsters in catacombs/necropolises and turning them in to your teams dusk/dawn priest. As you turn in seal stones your teams seal stone count will go up (you can check the value of your teams seal stones with a record of seven signs). The other way to help make your team win is by doing the Festival Of Darkness, you can port to the Festival of Darkness by talking to the Dawn/Dusk NPC. The festival is a sort of game for a party of players that involves killing monsters, its kinda like a little instance, and based on how well you do your earn a score which helps your team win Seven Signs.

Question: Why don't you guys advertise more?

Answer: We actually advertise a LOT! Also the majority of our budget is spent on advertising, we often spend 1000$+ on ads per month.

Here are some of the many things we do to advertise/retain players:
L2 Hopzone: Premium membership, and ads in the form of forum posts our server is on their front page of their server section every single day, and we sometimes buy regular ads here too.
L2 Topzone: Premium membership and ads in the form of forum posts our server is on their front page of their server section every single day, and several ads we buy out.
Top100Arena: Premium membership and ads in the form of forum posts our server is on their front page of their server section every single day, and several ads we buy out.
Gtop100: Premium Membership (they don't have a forum, we tried buying ads here as well to test performance.
MaxCheaters: Our server is on their front page of their private server section everyday, cause im always making posts or bumps, and we also advertise there too sometimes with their regular ad slots.
L2PmFun: Ads in the form of forum posts our server is on their front page of their server section every single day, we have tried regular advertising there too.
Ragezone: Ads in the form of forum posts our server is on their front page of their server section every single day, we have tried regular advertising there too.
Facebook: We advertise on Facebook a lot, its actually one of the most effect forms of advertising for us, we spend a lot of money on this.
Reddit: I continually post in their l2 section, we always have a post in their "hot" front section every day.
More: There are many other places we advertise too, these are just the main ones, many of these sites we spend time checking their results EVERY SINGLE DAY to make sure our spots are visible and continually post new contest. We also constantly cycle out banners, if they don't perform above a certain % of clicks we switch to another one, using the same one for too long results in less clicks so we eventually switch to another when results start to go down to maximize results. We have tons of quality banners of various sizes and source at our disposal, some from paying professionals and some are from our players, we continually have banner contests to spice up and make sure we a continuous stream of new vibrant high quality ads. We have over 100 different types of banners and we obtain more all the time.

Notes about these ads: In regards for advertising in general, not everyone gives the same bang for your buck some people charge x5 the amount as other people yet you get half the clicks. Those are things we don't invest it, that's wasted money. We try advertising many places, and we track the results/clicks from all of them, and the ones that have the best clicks per dollar, that is what we invest in, and we continually experiment new places and see what their dollar to click ratio is.

New Player Welcomes & Tracking System: We have developed a new player tracking system, it filters out old players even old players alts from new players that are brand new here. With this list we personally welcome all new players that join our server and give them advice like about how our many new player bonuses, our special events for new players, our features, and the best ways to make Adena and more. As far as we know we are the only server that does this. It drastically increases the players chance of staying and being a part of our great community. its a win-win for everyone! How many brand new players that join our server every day everyday so we can keep track of the servers health. We realize not everyone speaks English, due to this we have created special mails/templates/information for 20+ different languages, we encourage everyone to stay!

Conclusion: We spend an enormous amount of time dedicating tuning our ads for optimal results and best click ratios we can possibly get using various proven methods. Additionally we spend more time helping/welcoming new players then any other server we know of, new players are our future they are one of our biggest priorities. We provide a variety of features and benefits that help new players catch up and transition to our server. With these techniques and others we secure our future, and can confidently say we are still going strong after 6+ years of operation with no wipes or closes.

Question: How do you get Blessed Scrolls?

Answer: Their are many ways to get Blessed Enchant Scrolls...
1.) You can get them through Events such as TvT, CTF, DM, DMS, RB, KOTH, CTP, Hide N Seek, Invasion, and Rabbit Chest Events.

2.) They drop from Custom and Epic Raids, remember you can use Shift+Click to see a mobs/raids drops. You can type .raidstatus to see if a raid is alive, and to see their location too.
3.) They drop and spoil from Frozen Waterfalls, Valley of Lords (VoL), and Field of Whispers (FoW) Monsters. Remember you can use Shift+Click to see a mobs drops/spoils.
4.) T-Rex mobs drop a Blessed Enchant Scroll at a 20% chance.
5.) They drop at a decent rate at Fortress of Resistance (FoR) Farmzone. Remember the more unique players you have in party at FoR, the better the drops are!
6.) Every time you vote you have a chance to get one, you can type .voteinfo for the details and about all the other great prizes you get too.
7.) They can be purchased from the GM Shop's Luxury section.
8.) You can buy them on the Giran Market from other players.
9.) Oath Blessed Enchant scrolls can be purchased with Newbie Scrolls. Please note Oath Blessed Enchants can only be used on Oath items. Oath items are VERY benefecial, and are easier to enchant, easier to get blesseds for, easier to add elementals to, and can be mixed with a normal armor set.

Question: How do you get Blood Oaths?

Answer: Blood Oaths can be obtained by owning a Fortress. Once you own a fortress a 4 Blood Oaths are avaialable for you to obtain every 6 hours (if you wait beyond the 6 hours till for example 12 there. Which is double), to get them you must talk to your Fort's Logistics officer and speak to him about "Rewards". The Rate they spawn at the Logistics officer is set x5 that of retail so its easier then normal. Also Blood Oaths drop from Raid Bosses inside the Group Instance (Mutilation) which can be done by talking to Beverly in Giran. Blood Oaths are dropped at a low rate by a few Valley of Lords and Frozen Waterfalls mobs as well.

Question: What are the Epic/Custom raids respawn times?

Answer: Most Custom Raids respawn time are 8 hours with a 4 hour window, the window means that the raid can spawn anytime with in that period, Epic raids respawn times are not all the same as eachother and they also have randomized windows.

Lilith: Lilith's respawn time is 30 hours with a 20 hour window.
Anakim: Anakim's respawn time is 30 hours with a 20 hour window.
Zaken: Zaken's respawn time is 18 hours with a 35 hour window.
Queen Ant: Queen Ant's respawn time is 18 hours with a 35 hour window.
Core: Core's respawn time is 18 hours with a 35 hour window.
Orfen: Orfen's respawn time is 18 hours with a 35 hour window.
Frintezza: Frintezza's respawn time is 48 hours.
Beleth: Beleth's respawn time is 4 days with a 24 hour window.
Freya: Freya's respawn time is 5 Days with a 24 hour window.
Baium: Baium's respawn time is 5 Days + 1 hour with a 8 hour window.
Antharas: Antharas's respawn time is 7 days with a 50 hour window.
Valakas: Valakas's respawn time is 7 days hours with a 80 hour window.

Question: How do I report a bot?

Answer: If a GM is online petition them and tell them the characters name, if a GM is not online feel free to PM Balls on the forums or send him an email at, even if a gm isnt taking petitions doesnt always mean they are offline, they could be working on the server and just not taking petitions, so just send a mail, telling him you found a bot and what the bots name is, bots that get reported that are not online and/or not botting at that time will be added to our bot watch list, a list that all GMs can see and will check. If you report a bot and we run our tests proving they are a bot and we are able to ban them the player that reported them will get 5 GCM (if its a group of bots, but same IP/computer you get an additional + 1 GCM per bot).

Question: Can I get my character renamed?

Answer: We will rename someones character if they provide 250 Gold Einhasad, or alternatively if they donate 5$. Just contact Balls to do so. If hes online petition him with the /gm command. If he is not online you can email him at Please note you need to make sure the name you want is available, to do this go to the GM Shop > Voting > Name Change.

Question: Can I get my clan renamed?

Answer: We will rename someones clan for 500 Gold Einhasad. There is also the option of donating for it which is 5$. Take note that the clan name can not be already owned by another clan, and the clan name change will only take effect when the server restarts next (we typically restart every Thursday).

Question: Is there any custom commands here?

Answer: We have tons of them, probably more then any server you have played! To see a list of them and what they do you can type .info and click "Commands".

Question: How do you get Elemental Crystals?

Answer: They can be obtained by doing the following...
1.) They can be obtained from TvT, CTF, DM, DMS, KOTH, RB, Rabbit Chest Event, Invasion, Hide N Seek Events.
2.) New players can use their Newbie Scrolls on "Newbie Bonus Chest" at the Newbie section of the GM Shop, those can have Oath Elemental Crystals inside, but its random. Take note that Oath Elemental Crystals can only be used on Oath items, but Oath Elemental Crystals also have a higher success rate. You can use normal Elemental Crystals on Oath items as well.
3.) They can be obtained by killing mobs at Fortress of Resistance (FoR) as normal drops.
4.) They can be obtained by spoiling mobs at Fortress of Resistance to obtain Red Extracted Star stones, and be bought with those stones at the GM Shop under Spoils.
5.) They can be obtained by voting for our server using the Vote Reward System.
6.) They can be obtained by writing a honest, yet positive review for our server on hopzone, check the NPC near the GK in Giran and Orc Village for more information. His name is Exis.
7.) They can be obtained doing the Solo Instance (Infiltration) they can be rewarded when you save the Elf Survivor and when you Finish the Instance.
8.) If you simply dont want to do any of this you have the option of donating for elements on your weapons/armors just type .info and click Donations to see.

Note: Dont forget you can also trade opposite type Elemental Stones and Crystals at the GM Shop under services, for example you may trade a fire stone, for a water stone.

Question: My character DCs when i log in...

Answer: If you have the problem described above, here is what you can do to resolve it. Log into a character on the same account as the character that has the problem with DCing when its logged in and type the command .repair from that .repair menu you can choose a character to repair from your account. This fixes the most common issues players encounter, try it. If this does not work, please contact a GM.

Question: How do debuffs land?

Answer: The formula in which this happen is kinda long. Though as most of you know there most debuffs depend on the enemies MEN, some depend on their CON like (Stun, bleed, poison). Then there are more specific resistance that apply directly to certain debuff types like bleed resist is obviously for bleed, and mental resist which applies to skills like Fear, Silence, Betray. But there is more to it then most people know...
Every skill/debuff has a stat called its Magic Level, we will call this "magiclvl". I will now explain what a skills magiclvl is decided by. A skills magiclvl is based on the level in which the player learned that skill last, for example a Dagger class learns its last level of Deadly Blow at level 74 because its a 2nd proffession skill which means the magiclvl for deadly blow is 74, much like a Spellhowler also learns their last level of Hurricane at level 74. This means Hurricanes magiclvl is also 74. When ever you learned your skill last is what that skills magiclvl will be. Another example would be a Dagger class which also learns Lethal Blow but at level 76, so its magiclvl will be 76. A skills magiclvl is compared to an enemy players/mobs level to decide how well it lands in the formula. So landing debuffs on a level 84 player is easier then a level 85 player. Also enchanting your skills will increase that skills magiclvl. This means that even if your skill is not enchanted for +chance or +power its land rate will increase as its enchanted due to the magiclvl being increased. Though of course enchanting it for +chance/+power will increase the land rate better then other routes, we will explain that below. A 2nd profession skill that is enchanted all the way to +30 will have a magiclvl of 85.
Every skill/debuff has a stat called power. A skills power is pretty basic, it directly effects your skills land rate. A lot of skills power is 60 or 80, some are lower like 40, in general an area skill has less power then a single target skill. Rememeber not all skills are the same or equal regarding power. The skill Hammer Crush and the skill Soul Breaker both are stun skills but they do not have the same power, it simply depends on the skill. When you enchant a skill for +chance/+power, your increasing its power which increases is land rate (alongside its magiclvl like explained above, making its landrate superior to other enchant routes because of power being increased AND magiclvl).
There is also a stat that skills have called its Level Depend, we will call it lvldepend, this stat measures how much that skills magiclvl matters to the overall land rate.
Now I will try to explain in a simple way how all these factors come together.
land rate = power + ((magiclvl - EnemiesLevel) * lvldepend)
Most skills level depend is 1 or 2, but some are 3. The higher it is, the more drastic the land rate is changed based on your skills magiclvl vs enemesLevel. Keep in mind l2j's landing formula is far from perfect, but for the most part it uses the same principles as retail.

Question: How do you get Divine Inspiration books?

Answer: They are available through the following...
1.) The 1st book is available in the GM Shop in the luxury section.
2.) The 2nd book is available at the GM Shop under Spoils, it can be bought with Apgia from instances at the luxury area of the GM Shop, spoiled crystals from farmzones or the retail way which is killing certain lower raid bosses.
3.) The 3rd book may be obtained in the GM Shop under Luxury with mainly instance coins earned from the solo/group instance event or by killing Baium, Antharas, or Valakas.
4.) The 4th and final book is obtainable at the GM Shop for Feathers of Blessing (from Rebirth), and the retail way which is through olympiad using your tokens.

Note: To actually use the book, and get an extra buff slot you must go to your class master and click "Learn Skills", so if you were an Orc Class for example you would go to the Orc Guild located in town.

Question: My raid drops went through the ground/wall, what can i do?

Answer: First, remember to make sure when you kill a raid , you can actually SEE it and that the raid is not near a wall and is on an even surface (no hills/slopes). But in the case in which your drops still go through the ground, for us to refund any items what so ever we will need a very specfic set of screenshots/proof from you, that say "Congratulations, your raid was sucessful" listing all the drops, and screenshots after in which the system messages say xxx has picked up xx. we will need an uninterrupted (NO GAPS), slide show of screenshots in which there is atleast one line of overlap so we know that all screenshots are connected to the same list of drops. If there is gaps in between the screenshots, there is too much room for error/scamming/exploitation and nothing will be given back, remember we want these screenshots where they overlap one message from each screenshot so we know its connected. Also normal items (non gear) will not have a system message to broadcast who picked it up, so we honestly will not refund any normal items, only gear/items that are broadcasted with system messages. If you meet all these conditions in which you have all these screenshots with no gaps with atleast one overlapped line from each, feel free to email them to if you dont have this data, we are sorry there is nothing we can do.

Question: As a High Rate server, why arent things super easy.

Answer: We have our own philosophy, we admit we dont cater to the normal high rate audience. Our server is setup for some things to be easy, but some things that need to be worked for. Are we a PvP server? In the aspect that we promote PvP, yes! Often times when a server is called a PvP server its assumed things are super it depends on how you mean it. If this is not the type of gameplay you want thats ok, you may leave at any time :).

Question: How do you get Elegia and top S84 weapons?

Oath Items: New Players get instant access to Oath Elegia and Oath Vorpal with their Newbie Scrolls they start with in their inventory. Oath items can not be traded, but they are easier to enchant, easier to get blesseds for and easier to add elementals to. You can also mix an Oath set with a normal set and stll get the a set bonus, its suggested you use Oath rather then normal items as a new player..

Regular Items: (Please read Oath items above first, they are better in SEVERAL ways) You can get Top S84 weapons and pieces of Elegia armor from events like TvT, CTF, CTP, KOTH, DM, DMS. Elegia and Top S84 weapons also drop in full from most of the Custom and Epic raids which are also listed on the raid status page when you type .raidstatus. They also drop from Group Instance (Mutilation) Raids, to do this group instance talk to the NPC Beverly in Giran/Orc Village. Dont worry they are not that hard to get, you will see many shops in giran selling them as well. Though the easiest way to get them is simply partiicpating in events, dont worry even if you lose you still get a prize! Additionally you get Heart Stone at level 84 automatically, which allows you to get a top 84 Weapon.

Question: How do elements effect my damage?

Answer: When calculating damage regarding elements, this is how it works. It takes your Elemental Attack we will call this "Ele Atk" and compares it to your enemies Elemental Defense of the same type, we will call this "Ele Def". When attacking an enemy if the sum of the numbers of your Ele Atk minus their Ele Def is greater then 50 you will get a damage bonus, if its greater then 150 you will get an even bigger damage bonus. Then if the difference is over 300 you will get the greatest damage bonus. Please note that some skills add to your Elemental Attack. An example would be a Spellhowlers Hurricane Skill adds + 20 Wind to your attack when used, but only for that attack.

Question: How do you get elemental stones?

Answer: There are many different ways to get them...
1.) You may get them from TvT, CTF, DM, DMS, KOTH, CTP, RB, Rabbit Chest Event, Invasion, and Hide N Seek events.
2.) New players can use their Newbie Scrolls on "Newbie Bonus Chest" at the Newbie section of the GM Shop, those often have Oath Elemental Stones inside, but its random. Take note that Oath Elemental Stones can only be used on Oath items, but Oath Elemental Stones also have a higher success rate. You can use normal Elemental Stones on Oath items as well.
3.) You can also buy them in the spoil section of the GM Shop by using a Bounty Hunter/Fortune Seeker to spoil Extracted Star Stones that spoil from Normal Difficulty and Hard Difficulty Farmzones.
4.) Solo Instance (Infiltration) allows you to get Elemental Stones in several ways: you have a chance of saving an Elf inside the instance, if you do you have the chance of getting 5 Elemental stones, also you have a chance of getting another 5 after killing Naglfar. You can get them one at a time too from Blistering Fleshes.
5.) They drop as a normal drop at mobs at Fortress of Resistance at about a 20% chance (minions do too, but at a lower rate).
6.) They can be obtained by voting for our server using the Vote Reward System.
7.) Group Instance (Mutilation)'s Raid drop about 15 Elemental Stones at a time.
8.) If you simply dont want to do any of this you have the option of donating for elements on your weapons/armors just type .info and click Donations to see.

Note: Dont forget you can also trade opposite type Elemental Stones and Crystals at the GM Shop under services, for example you may trade a fire stone, for a water stone.

Question: Enchanting seems really hard, is it bugged?

Answer: No enchanting is not bugged, the enchant rates are 70% regular, 75% blessed, and 100% Crystal (crystal only drops from valakas/antharas). If you still think its bugged ill try to explain the probability of enchanting if you have not learned it in a math class.

+7 to +8: 70^1 = 70% chance of success, but if you stack the overall probability on something its gonna look like this.
chance of +7 to +9: 70%^2 = 49%
chance of +7 to +10: 70%^3 = 34.3%
chance of +7 to +11: 70%^4 = 24%
chance of +7 to +12: 70%^5 = 16.8%
chance of +7 to +13: 70%^6 = 11.7%
chance of +7 to +14: 70%^7 = 8.2%
chance of +7 to +15: 70%^8 = 5.7%
chance of +7 to +16: 70%^9 = 4%
chance of +7 to +17: 70%^10 = 2.8%
chance of +7 to +18: 70%^11 = 1.9%
chance of +7 to +19: 70%^12 = 1.3%
chance of +7 to +20: 70%^13 = ~1%

Summary: Enchanting is not bugged, its just basic math and obviously a lot of people cannot grasp it. If you didnt understand this before, I hope this helps!

Question: What are the rules in events?

Answer: While in an event you must follow the following rules, no going afk, no giving up, no dualboxing, no refusing to fight an enemy even if they are your friend/clanmate. You must give a full effort at all times.

Question: What is "Default" mode for events?

Answer: Default mode for events is where there are only basic buffs available at the event NPCs, and things such as CP Pots, and Mana Pots can not be used. There are no enchant restrictions, there are no clan skill restrictions, and there are no hero restrictions.

Question: What is "Limited" mode for events?

Answer: Limited mode for events is where there are only basic buffs available at the event NPCs, and things such as CP Pots, and Mana Pots can not be used. There are also enchant restrictions, anything that is above +10 will only have stats of +10 gear instad. Clan skills do not work, and hero skills do not work.

Question: What is "Unlimited" mode for events?

Answer: Unlimited mode (currently only available for RB Event) for events is where you can use all the buffs avaialble at normal Buffer NPCs in town, and things such as CP Pots, and Mana Pots are allowed. There are no enchant restrictions Clan skills are allowed, and Hero skills work too.

Question: When do Events Happen?

Answer: The following times are in -8 GMT PST, Events happen Every Day at the following times...
00:00 or 12:00 AM - Random Event
01:00 or 1:00 AM - Voting
02:00 or 2:00 AM - TvT Event
03:00 or 3:00 AM - Voting
04:00 or 5:00 AM - CTF Event
05:00 or 5:00 AM - CTP Event
06:00 or 6:00 AM - Voting
07:00 or 7:00 AM - TvT Event
08:00 or 8:00 AM - RB Event
09:00 or 9:00 AM - KOTH Event
10:00 or 10:00 AM - TvT Event
11:00 or 11:00 AM - CTP Event
12:00 or 12:00 PM - KOTH Event
12:30 or 12:30 PM - DM Event
13:00 or 1:00 PM - Voting
14:00 or 2:00 PM - CTF Event
15:00 or 3:00 PM - CTP Event
16:00 or 4:00 PM - KOTH Event
17:00 or 5:00 PM - TvT Event
18:00 or 6:00 PM - Random Event
19:00 or 7:00 PM - CTP Event
20:00 or 8:00 PM - CTF Event
21:00 or 9:00 PM - Random Event
22:00 or 10:00 PM - Voting
23:00 or 11:00 PM - Random Event

More Info: To figure out what time it is type /time and what ever it says the "server time" is, is the correct time that corresponds with our event schedule, seiges, etc. Random Event means the Event is random and will do one of the following TvT, KOTH, DM/DMS, CTF, RB, CTP or Voting for an Event. Additionaly the server will automatically run a Random Event at the first half hour or hour mark after the server has been restarted, which ever comes first.

Question: How to report feeding in Olympiad.

Answer: Feeding, Dualboxing alts, Characters going afk, players having no weapon, or players fighting with anything below the equivilant +0 S84 gear will be punished (unless they have a valid reason for wearing it), if you dont plan on fighting dont sign up! If you see someone doing these things please record it by typing /start_videorecording there is also a "Start Replay" button while observing olympiad that starts recording too, AND take screenshots, type /end_videorecording to stop your recording, these videos are stored in your Replay folder inside your Lineage II Folder. Providing sufficient evidence into proving beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is cheating will get them punished! The screenshots are needed because the replays dont show players names or their buffs, so we need the screenshot to properly identify them and to prove any improper use of buffs. Evidence can be sent to Balls at

Note: Ever since we implemented "Anonymous" Olympiad rules in regards to feeding were changed. We no longer pursue feeders unless its a clear cut/easy to identify situation. Such as people going afk, taking off armor, just standing there, that sort of thing. If the issue is not very easily identifiable we will not use our time on it. Its simply not realistic to to police Olympiad in the fashion that people expect, we simply do not have the man power and/or resources.

Other Ways: Since the replay system built into l2 is somewhat lacking (not showing names, buffs, etc). Another way to provide even better evidence is using a recording program such as Fraps, which there is a free version, just go to to get the free version to enhance your ability to catch cheaters, it will show everything on your l2 screen in the replay, and the videos will be saved to a location you choose based on frap's settings.

Question: How do you take a fort?

Signing up:
To siege a fort you must sign up for it, to do this you must go to that fort. Once your at the fort you must find a NPC called a "Suspicious Merchant" to sign up. This npc walks around the fortress it will not always been in same spot cause the NPC walks around the fort. The best way to find this NPC is for you to walk around the fort while typing in the command /target Merch (the /target command does not need a full NPC name) you will eventually find him and be able to sign up.
The Beginning of the Siege:
The Siege for the fort will start exactly 1 hour after you sign up. Once its started you and your clan must break down the doors and find and kill all Unit Leaders (you can check your map for each units location). For example the Support Unit Leader, The Archer Unit Leader, etc. Only when you kill all leaders with in 10 minutes (this 10 minute timer starts as soon as you kill the first leader) will you have the ability to take the fort. If you take too long, the 10 minute process will restart, and you will have to try again.
Completing the Fort Siege:
Once you successfully kill the unit leaders in time the doors to the command Barracks open (The center building) and inside that building will be 3 flags, you must take one of these flags up to the top of the fort and use the flags item skill on the flag post, once the cast is complete you have taken over the fort!
After the Siege is over:
Once the fort belengs to you and the Siege is over you and your clan will gain some new clan skills, these clan skills are unique for each fort and you will keep them until you lose the fort. These type of clan skills are called Residential Skills. For the first hour after you take the fort there will be a NPC waiting inside the command barracks asking you if you want to contracted with the regions castle or not. By contracting with a castle you have to pay taxes to the castle every six hours. The logistics officer will also have a supply shipment (a prize) for you every 6 hours, if you dont obtain it the prize will get better, the max upgrade level is 6. Being contracted with the castle will also make it where you can upgrade your defenses for the fort etc, but it will not let you use the forts instance zone. If you decide to be independent (not contracted witht he castle) you will not get supply shipments every 6 hours, and you will not have to pay taxes, but you will gain access to the Fortress' instance zone. Either way you choose, every 6 hours the logistics officer will have Blood Oaths to give you.
Other Important Fort Info:
Fortresses can only be owned for a maximum of 7 days, after that you lose the fort, but not to worry you can siege another one. After a Fort is sieged, it cannot be sieged again for atleast 4 hours during that time you wont be able to find the Suspcious Merchant for that fort. Forts also enable a clan to learn "Squad skills" at the Support Unit Captain. Fortresses also have Clan Hall like abilites and have the essential NPCs inside it like a buffer, GM Shop, and Global GK. If you own a Castle you are able to siege a fortress, but not own it, instead when you "take it" it will revert back to NPC owned. If you have a fortress you can still sign up for a castle siege, but when you take over the castle, the fort is lost, you can not have both, but forts can be very helpful for taking a castle.

Question: How do you get Foundation/Masterwork items?

Answer: Normally on retail when you craft an item, it has a very low chance of becoming a foundation item. Here instead we have increased the rate of this to 80%, so if you successfully craft an item, there is an 80% chance it wlll be a foundation item. Keep in mind crafting is not easy and it will take some time to gather the materials. Our spoil rates are x3 to help with that some. For where to get specific materials/recipes I would suggest using a drop calculator i would recommend this one its fairly accurate. If you need additional help you can ask a gm.

What is Foundation/Masterwork: It is a special version of Weapons/Armor/jewels that have extra abilities. An example would be the Masterwork version of a Draconic bow is called Draconic Bow - Earth. The Earth effect gives the player 10% more hp.

Additional Info 1: Foundation/Masterwork main pieces (like Breastplates/Tunics) dont exist. So dont waste your time farming the recipe for it. Retail made them uncraftable eventually but allowed players who already had them to keep them. Also the best way to get Noblesse Enhancement stones on our server (Items that convert Vesper to Vesper Noble) are obtained by doing Hall of Suffering Instance in Gracia.

Additional Info 2: You should know that spoils in Seed of Annhilation (SoA) do not currently work on our server, so if your going there for spoils, don't waste your time.

Question: How do you get Giant's Codex Mastery?

Answer: Here are several ways you can get them...
1.) You can get them through Events such as TvT, CTF, DM, DMS, RB, KOTH, CTP, Hide N Seek, Invasion, and Rabbit Chest Events. Also, the Festival Adena you get from events can be used to purchase GCM as well, so overall there is 2 ways through events.
2.) They drop from Custom and Epic Raids, remember you can use Shift+Click to see a mobs/raids drops. You can type .raidstatus to see if a raid is alive, and to see their location too.
3.) They drop at a decent rate at Fortress of Resistance (FoR) Farmzone and from T Rex mobs. Remember the more unique players you have in party at FoR, the better the drops are!
4.) Every time you vote you have a chance to get one, you can type .voteinfo for the details and about all the other great prizes you get too. In addition to all this, your Vote Coins (Gold Einhasad) can be used to directly purchase GCM at the GM Shop, so overall there is 2 ways through voting.
5.) You can get them from Fortress Sieges via Knight Epualettes (KE). KE can be used at the Suspicious Merchant in front of every fortress to purchase GCM, you need 850 KE.
6.) You can get them through Rebirths and Mini Rebirths. You can purchase a "Rebirth Chest" at the GM Shop's Luxury section for 5 Rebirth Feathers. Each Chest has a 20% chance to give you 2 Oath GCM, don't worry if you don't get it though, their are other good prizes too!
7.) Everytime you complete a Group or Solo Instance at the NPC Beverly you have a 1/3rd chance to get an Oath Giant's Codex Mastery, if you fail to get one, you will get an Oath Top 84 LS instead or an Oath Giant's Codex, so regardless you can get some nice prizes.
8.) You can buy them on the Giran Market from other players.
9.) They can be purchased from the GM Shop's Luxury section.
10.) Abuse reports. You can get GCM by reporting players for breaking the rules. For example a bot report is 5 GCM, of course a GM must first prove they are botting before you get your reward. Also reporting people for trying to sell/buy accounts can get you GCM, and more.

Question: How do I report a geodata bug?

Answer: To report a geodata problem, you will need to be very specific. Working on geodata can be a very time consuming process, and if someone just says "hey there is a problem in this general area" we dont have time to look for that problem in that general area... we need specifics with the exact location! A good way to report the exact location of the problem is to type /loc when standing where the problem is, this will give you an x, y, z location that can be used to pinpoint the problem, or you can screenshot where the problem is and email it to or pm it to Balls on the forums.

Question: How do you chat in global?

Answer: To use global chat simply shout using the ! key in front of your text while in a peace/town zone and it will have (Global) beside the shout to signify that its global. If you are not in a town/peacezone the shout will be regional only. Please make sure not to spam global though, you should refer to our rules.

Question: Is griefbuffing allowed here?

Answer: Yes and no, we will not punish anyone from grief buffing another player, but everyone has the ability to protect them selves from it by typing the command .buffsoff and can turn it off with .buffson. When its used it prevents any non party/clan members from using single target buffs on you. This setting is also saved when you log out. You can type .commands to see a full list of custom commands.

Question: How can I help the server?

Answer: There are lots of ways you can help the server, here are some things you can do.

Voting Every Day: Voting is a good way to help the server, and you also greatly rewarded for it, type the .voteinfo command for the details. There is also optional voting sites on our vote page, if you really want to help, vote there too!

Social Media: Liking our page, and our posts on facebook.+1 our page and posts on Google+, subscribing to our YouTube Channel, and following us on Twitter. By doing these you are helping us ALOT! Its free advertisement generated by you.

Reporting Bugs: Reporting bugs/exploits can really help the server and make it better for everyone, just make sure its actually a real bug first!

Telling Your Friends: Tell your friends about our server, the more the better, get the word out! Don't forget to tell them about our great new player bonuses, if you don't know about them type the .newbie command for the details.

Help New Players: Their is a healthy flow of new players who join our server everyday! Some may be overwhelmed by all our custom features and how different we are from the rest. If you could give them a few quick tips and just be nice to them, it can go a long way for helping the server. We also keep a list of players that newbies can contact for help in the .newbie section. If you would like to be added to this list please contact us at

Recruit New Players: If you are in a clan, recruiting new players can be beneficial for your clan and that new player. We have a list of clans that recruit new players in the .newbie section. Contact us at to get your clan added to the list.

Being Kind: Being a kind person on the server can go a long way, there are times when GMs are not online, or they have been overrun with petitions, people may have questions about the server/game and would like to know some info, and may ask you, or shout it, try to lend them a hand, this includes in game, and on the forums, and on our Facebook page. If your not that knowledgeable about our server yet you can try and memorize the .faq sections and the .info > items sections knowing that information can help give you the grounds to help.

Forum Activity: Sign up for our forums and be part of the disucssion, and let your voice be heard! Players participating on the forums helps the server a lot, and it can also help you too. There are sections for clan recruitment and sections for buying/selling items too which can really give you an advantage!

Writing Reviews: At most top sites like hopzone/topzone there is an option to write a review of the server, we would appreciate it if you would do that for us! It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Reporting Abuse: If you see people trying to sell characters/accounts, creating scam shops, or botting. Please report them, you could be rewarded with GCM, and it will help improve our server.

Question: What are all these weird items?

Answer: Information about how to obtain our custom currencies/items, and what they are used for can be found by typing .info then click "items".

Question: How do lifestones work, and how to get good augs?

Basics: First you should know the basics. Any lifestone (LS) that is level 76 or higher will give you max level augments, which are generally level 10, some max out at level 3 though.

Skill Chances: Normal LS have a 10% rate to give you a skill augment. Mid LS have a 18% chance to give you a skill augment. High LS have a 27% chance to give you a skill augment. Top LS have a 36% chance to give you a skill augment. When this chance triggers it can give you ANY skill augment this means any passive, any active, or any chance augment. One chance augment does not have a better chance then another, they are all the same rate. Something like nukes may seem more common, but thats only because there is a single and AoE nuke for each and every element not including non elemental, so right there is 12 augments already.

Whats the point of getting Top 84 LS: There really isn't that good of a reason, but there is some. If your looking for skill augments, which most people are. Its better to get level 76 LS because they are cheaper, and have the same skill rates, and you don't even need top or high ones, regular 76 LS still give skills at a 10% rate. However the higher level your LS and the higher grade the better the regular stats that augments give you are. Such has +HP + Evasion + CP Regen. Most are honestly not that good, but something like +10 crit rate is actually quite good.

How to get the augment I want: If you want a specific skill augment the most effective way adena wise to get it is to obtain/buy as many regular level 76 LS as possible, because those are the cheapest LS that still give you max level augments. When purchasing LS you should consider the % chance it will give a skill and use that to determine what you are willing to pay. With this logic if a regular 76 lS is 100kk then a mid should be 180kk, high would be 270kk, and top would be 360kk. However people generally way over price them, so your better off sticking with the regular 76 LS.

Question: What is MoneyGram, and how is it used?

Answer: MoneyGram is a money transfer service, much like Western Union, and there is no credit cards required you can do this with cash. MoneyGram is available in many countries and the service can be found in places such as Grocery Stores and Gas Stations. To see if there is a location near you where this service is provided you can go to and click "Find Locations". It will ask you where you live to locate one near you. After you find a location here is what you need to know. At the place where the service is provided they will have you fill out a form with some of your information such as your name, your city, your country, your state (if applicable), amount of money your sending. You will also need the information of the person your sending to, which is Balls, you will need his Name, City, State, and Country as well. To get it please contact him in private in a petition (/gm), email (, or pm him on the forums. Once you have this information you can fill out the form properly. Once the donation is made you will need to contact Balls and tell him your information as well, he cant pick up the donation with out it, your name, your city, your country, your state (if applicable), amount sent, and the MTCN/Reference Number (this is a transaction number that will be on your receipt it will be 10 digits long). Remember to tell us what you would like from your donation as well, and which character to send it to. They also offer online transactions, but the main attraction is the cash only method for donation through actual physical stores.

Question: Whats up with mp pots here?

Answer: Although this may be a particularly hard concept for most poeple to understand, our mp system is set to "mp over time" for example if you use a mp potion you will get a buff for 20 seconds that restores your mp over time, over this 20 second period 1056 MP will be restored which is still A LOT of MP. Why would anyone ever do this you may think, well its simple. It increases balance and makes many game mechanics that used to be useless, very useful! For example skills such as Mana Drain, Aura Sink, Body to Mind, Recharge, Magical Backfire, Counter Mind, Arcane Wisdom, Mana Gain, Higher Mana Gain, Mental Impervish, Skill Enchanting for "Cost", MP elixirs and any other mp skills/items useful in open PvP. So classes such as Healers and Buffers have much more fuctionality. With this mp system you wont have to worry about certain classes being overpowered. An example is this: Bishops can no longer spam Battle Heal forever with this mp system which makes other servers PvP extremely flawed. This system brings back much more strategy to the game! Please read below for more information.

Question: Then how can healers be effective in raids with only heal over time MP pots?
Answer: Healers here all have the "Recharge" skill that restores MP that they can use even on themselves! This allows healers to manage their MP in Raids and PvP, and restore other players MP as well without being unstopable, for more information about the rechrage skill type .info then click Modified Class Info.

Question: How can Nukers and other mp consuming classes be playable?
Answer: At first glance all players ASSUME that nukers etc are not playable, and for those who think that are mistaken and never correctly learned how to play a nuker class. Nukers can still use their nukes non stop if they choose to, you just have to be smarter about it, and maybe learn how to actually play a class for once. Here are some TIPS!

Tip for everyone - Use MP pots at the correct time: Dont wait till you have only 10% MP left to use a MP potion... use them as soon as you start nuking something and try not to let your MP get low.

Tip for Nukers - Use Body To Mind, its been modded!: Use the skill body To Mind to help restore your MP, on our server this skill gives 50% more MP! Also dont forget MP/HP herbs that drop on the ground from mobs they can be used to help your mp directly, or give you HP to do Body To Mind more often!

Tip for everyone - Choose your buffs wisely!: Buffs such as Clarity, Song of Meditation, and Blessing of seraphim decrease MP consumtion by alot/ or increase MP regeneration which makes skills take less mp or easier makes your mp easier to maintain! But skills such as Arcane Power and Empowering echo increase your mp consumption, making your mp go down faster, making it harder to keep your mp up.

Tip for Nukers - Learn what skills to use: All nukes dont have the same MP cost, so pay attention! Drains such as Vampiric Claw and Steal Essance take MASSIVE amounts of mp compared to normal nukes so only use them when you actually need them. While nukes such as death spike take even less MP then nukes such as hurricane but do the same damage, just its a different element!

Tip for Healers - Take advantage of your unique toggle: All healers and buffers have the toggle Arcane wisdom that decreases mp consumption dramaticaly , you can even enchant it to be more MP efficient!

Summary: A lot of players have only played private servers where MP pots restore massive amounts of mp at a time, so they are used to this method and never learned how to manage their mp, when in fact its quite simple and easy to do.

Question: We are a new clan to the server, any benefits?

Answer: NEW clans (not already existing older ones) that contain 6 or more new characters to the server, will be granted a level 6 Clan with 40k rep points, and a free fortress (if one is available). To receive this the clan leader will have to submit a request via email at ( or to Balls on the forums in a PM. That outlines the name of their new clan, and the name of each player that is new to the server from their clan, these players will have to be verfied as new for this to work, the verification process may take up to 24-48 hours.

Question: Do you have to do the Noblesse quest here?

Answer: You need to do the Noblesse quest for Noblesse here, but don't worry. The quest is easier here then normal, you also are highly rewarded for it. Its intertwined with our Achievement system. You get: Blessed Enchant Scrolls, Top 84 Lifestones, Elemental Stones, Kinship Crystals, special cloak and more! You also unlock new weapon glows and new title/name colors. We also provide a guide at > Library > Quests. If you need any help.

Question: What are Oath items?

Answer: Oath items are exactly the same as normal items, same stats and everything. The difference is that Oath items can not be traded, but there are benefits to Oath items as well. Oath items are easier to enchant and easier to get Blessed Scrolls for. Take note you can still use normal or Oath Scrolls on Oath items, it don't matter. Additionaly you can mix a normal set with a Oath set and still get the set bonus, so don't be afraid to mix them! The main way to get Oath Items is with Newbie Scrolls.

Question: How can I make an offline shop?

Answer: All you have to do is make a private store inside a peace zone and exit game. Your character will remain in game! If you log in the account after that though it will kick off your offline shop.

Question: How long has the server been open for?

Answer: We have been open since around May 2009, which is quite a long time! We are experienced and know what we are doing. You don't have to worry about us randomly shutting down like a lot of servers tend to do.

Question: I <3 EQ! Why do bad servers have more players?

Answer: Many people often wonder why a high quality server like ours with lots of great features, excellent GM support, and updates often doesn't have as much players as some other servers out there that really aren't that good ... but somehow have lots of people. One of the main reasons its this way is due to the fact that most other servers out their use incredibly deceptive and immoral advertising techniques that are considered scams/tricks/cheats some are even illegal, we will give you some examples:

Fake Online players example 1: Many servers make it where it says much more people are online then are actually there.

Fake Online players example 2: Many servers don't take the time and effort to stop botters/fight them, or simply don't care at all about them, thus they have more online which are not really there, they are just botting, thus creating the illusion that more are online. Botters are not real players in our opinion.

Fake Online players example 3: Often times these so called "big" servers create/buy/request special code and scripts that create fake players standing around in town or in farmzones or where ever they want, some servers even have them coded where these fake players move around once in a while to make you believe they are real. Go ahead and Google "fake online count l2j" you will likely find some threads on max cheaters or other websites people trying to request/buy codes that do this...

Advertising Contests: You have probably seen this before, many servers have some sort of contest ran by the staff on their forums, they give you some text/information about their server and they want you to post it in as many places as possible, including other server's Facebook pages, other servers forums, and more. The more they do it, the more they get rewarded, often with donation credit/gold bars. So basically its paid vandalism/spam, and our forums and Facebook page are a victim of this trash almost everyday, and we have to delete/ban these destructive users from other servers.

Advertising Bots: Some servers make bots (and/or hires bots) to log into other servers that sends automated in game mails to other players advertising their server. So if you get an un-solicited in game mail in game, on any server, that advertises another server, we would suggest ignore that advertisement, it simply means that server chooses to use immoral practices.

Social Media Tricks/Exploits: Some big servers, well known ones, have their websites code set up where it will automatically make you like their page on Facebook if you have your Facebook set up to auto log in. I'm not talking about the Facebook pop up and you accidentally clicking it, im talking about specific code to automatically make you like it with out your knowledge what so ever. Even I have fell victim to this while looking at other servers websites. This is them exploiting you and using you for extra/free advertisement.

Constant Wipes/Closing/Renaming: Many players believe wipes every 2-6 months is healthy/normal. We strongly disagree, wipes are disrespecting your players and their time playing on that server, Wipes are for lazy admins/developers that don't know what their doing and lack the ability to design a server for the long term. Wipes are great for unbalanced servers that end up where only people who played their the longest can be the best. Our server is designed with new players in mind and numerous ways for them to catch up and get items faster then old ones. Wiping is a good way for greedy admins to make money, once the money doesn't flow as much though sometimes they close the server, then re-name the server and re-open claiming its a new/different server to try and get money again.

DDoS attacking the competition: Many servers attack other servers with DDoS attacks, especially on targeted days like opening/sieges, this is mostly done the competitions server has similar rates/demographics as theirs.

Conclusion: Those servers are probably not as big as they "claim" to be, and if so the majority of them use 1 or more of these tactics, some may use all of them. These tactics are extremal immoral, dishonest, and in our opinion horrible. They do it because it gives them results/money and they generally care about one thing above all else, greed. As a whole they give private servers a bad reputation. We can proudly say we don't use any of these degrading tactics, and strive to be different then the rest, we have been around for over 6 years now, with no wipes or closes and would consider our selves an "honest" project, that has integrity and actually enjoys creating fun experiences for people. If you choose not to play here for what ever reason, please consider the above scams, and look for them and try to avoid those servers, for example you can check their forums for those ad contests. Servers that use these methods are more likely to be corrupt and more likely to delete your stuff via wipes/closes at random.

Question: Paralyze skills like anchor, are they bugged?

Answer: No, since a while back on retail the way paralyze skills work changed, for example when you cast anchor on someone and it lands, they are initially debuffed for 10-15 seconds in which the debuff lowers their run speed, atk speed, and casting speed, but after that 10-15 seconds the paralyze kicks in and your enemy wont be able to move till the paralyze fades.

Question: What is Paypal, and how is it used?

Answer: Paypal is a common form of online payments, some people think you need an account to use them, you do NOT. A Paypal account is not required to donate with Paypal, when you go to donate through our donation page and click our yellow Paypal Donate buttonit brings you to a Paypal page to donate to us, if you look on the left side there are some credit card symbols there and you can click "continue", from there you can donate with out a Paypal account, you just need a credit card they accept. If you don't have one they accept you may need to create a Paypal account.

Question: What is Paysafecard, and how is it used?

Answer: Paysafecard is a payment method popular in Europe. People may buy Paysafecards in places such as grocery stores/supermarkets/drug stores. Paysafecards have a set value when bought, such as 25 Euro (this could be more or less). To use it here, you must tell us your 16 digit pin on your card, and you will get donation credit based on how much the card is worth.

NOTE: If you use this method to pay for a donation, the donation will cost 10% more. The reason for that is that we dont live in europe, we cant use this card for personal use, or put it in some e-wallet with out going through 3rd party services to transfer it into USD. These services take 20% of the donation, normally we would be at a big loss, but if we split the loss between us its acceptable.

Question: What lvl does someone need for power lvling?

Answer: You must be with in 20 levels of the player your are trying to power level, for example if you are 85, the lowest level someone can be and still get XP is level 65.

Question: How do you get top S84 PvP Items?

Keeping your Enchants/Elements/Augments: If you want to keep your Enchants/Elements/Augments and still add PvP to your Armor/Weapons you can do it at the Blacksmith of Mammon, remember you need to sign for for Seven Signs to do that! Please note you can add PvP to Oath items as well. It will cost you 350 GE, 1.8m AA and 50k apiga to add PvP to a weapon and 350 GE, 1.5m AA and 30K apiga to add PvP to an armor, however Oath items will cost less to upgrade.

+0 version (losing enchants/elements/augments): Top S84 PvP Items can be obtained by completing the Group Instance (Mutilation), additional items such as Kinship Crystals will be required. if you want to join talk to the NPC named Beverly that is located in Giran and Orc Village. Please note you can add PvP to Oath Items as well!

Question: What are the PvP rewards here?

* Special PvP rewards/information/features you should know!
1.) You get Cracked Kinship Crystals from every valid PvP. You always get 2 from a valid PvP and if your enemy has some in their inventory you will steal some of theirs! If you get the Assist on that PvP you split the rewards with the player who got the PvP. If you don't know what an Assist is type .assists for the details. Additionally the amount of Cracked Kinship Crystals you get can be increased based on you PvP Streak. If you don't know how it works type .pvpstreak.
2.) You also get 1 PvP Coin every valid PvP. Your Assister (if any) also gets 1! These coins can be used at the PvP section at the GM Shop that include exclusive items ONLY available through PvP.
3.) You get +1 PvP Point, or +1 PvP Assist point (if you are an assister which can unlock Name and Title Colors for your character. You can check the GM Shop > Services "Weapon Glows" and "Color Change" for the details.
4.) We have several Achievements that involve PvP such as "Experienced" and "Crusader" that can give you Achievement Points and give additional rewards. Type .achievements to see!
5.) We have PvP Assists, this sets us apart from all other servers! This means healers and other support classes can get rewards in PvP too. PvP on our server is not about "the last hit" or the "most damage" those are archaic and outdated ways to play the game. L2 is about team work. Any heals or buffs you use on your team mate/friend or debuffs or damage you do on your enemies will help qualify you for a "PvP Assist". Assisters split the PvP rewards with the players who got the PvP Point, and they also get a PvP Assist Point. For the full details type .assists.
6.) We have PvP Streaks, the more PvPs (or Assists, so even healers can get streaks) you get in a row with out dying and not bsoeing and not going too long with out killing another player can increase your PvP streak, PvP streaks trigger more pvp announcements that tell everyone your streak and what rank your streak is at. The higher your rank the more rewards you get, these rewards stacked/combined on top of all the other PvP rewards! Every 6th kill in a streak triggers a bonus such as a Full HP/MP/CP heal, or 15 second invincibility, or a AoE stun to hinder your foes. When your streak hits 15 you will get rewards like an Oath GCM or Oath top 84 LS. Additionally you will get a special exclusive cloak only available through PvP Streaks, which are custom and are on no other server, they are unique. Type .pvpstreak for the full details.
7.) We have a special PvP Zone Field of Whispers (FoW) that has mobs there that have 40% better drops then normal farm zones, and that special PvP Zone also enables you to use Anonymous PvP Mode if you want, it can be activated in .options. Which makes other players not know who you are, even clan members! This mode is great for PvPing friends or even foes. Its also testing new set ups/builds because people won't know who you are. Try it!
8.) We have PvP announcements (it will be in a light red font/test in your chat window) it will tell you who has killed who and where they are located. It will even let you know who got the Assist point. For example "Balls and Balls2 have defeated Balls3 near: Field of Whispers PvP Zone" means Balls got the PvP point, Balls2 got the Assist Point, and Balls3 was killed, and this all happened in Field of Whispers PvP Zone. That way if you want to join the action, you know exactly where to go. This feature can be enabled/disabled in .options.
9.) We have a fun command .gotopvp that helps encourage PvP and makes it easier to get to the action! When you type this command it will teleport you to the most recent area there was PvP at. There is a 15% chance that your .gotopvp command will "crit" if this happens you will be teleported twice as fast. You can also teleport to the most recent PvP with our "Scroll Of PvP".

Question: How do PvP Streaks work?

Every 3 PvPs (assists or kills, this way even supporters can get streaks too!) PvP announcements will broadcast what streak you are on and the rank of your streak. Streaks will reset if you DC, log out, die, or if you do not get a Kill or Assist with in 5 minutes. This system is governed by our Anti PvP Feeding restrictions, so same IP, same clan, same ally, or if someone kills the same person with in 90 seconds, it will not count. These announcements are only done if you have your PvP Ann settings set to "On" inside .options menu.
Every 3 PvPs you get Cracked Kinship Crystal (ckc) bonuses (which increases based on how high your streak is) stacked on top of the normal PvP rewards. Additionally any streak over 3 gets 1 additional ckc even if its not an interval of 3. Once you hit 15, you will be rewarded with either an Oath GCM or an Oath Top 84 LS and a Special Battle Cloak that can only be obtained through PvP Streaks, there are 3 of these special cloaks, and you will randomly obtain 1 of them. Please note these cloaks last 7 days, they are not permanent. After 15 you will get 2 extra ckc (stacked on top of other PvP rewards) for each PvP even if its not an interval of 3. Additionally if you stop another players streak you get a ckc bonus (depending on their streak), and it will be announced that you destroyed their streak.
Every 6 valid PvPs in a streak will randomly grant 1 of the following: A full heal (HP, CP, and MP), or Invincibility for 15 seconds, or an AoE Stun effect to any auto attackable targets around you in a 900 radius (anyone that's not in your party, not in your clan, that is flagged, or ina 2 way war, etc, basically an enemy). This will be noticeable when your bonus is activated, there will be an animation and system messages to notify you which bonus you obtained.

Question: How do I get Quick Healing Potions?

Answer: Quick Healing Potions, we will refer to them as QHP. The only way to get them here is the retail-like way which is through the manor system. If your not sure what the manor system is here is an explanation. Each castle has a manor system the owning clan can set up. The Manor System consists of setting up prices for seeds that will be sold at the manor manager in towns in that castles region. If they have their manor system set up you may go buy those seeds and a harvester at the Manor NPC. Each seed will have a specific level range, those seeds must be used on mobs from that castles specific region and the seeds level and the mobs level must be similar. This process is very simular to spoiling. You use the seed (to spoil) and you click the Harvester (to sweep). When sweeping you will obtain a new version of that seed, a more matured version. Those more matured versions can be turned into the manor NPC in exchange for crafting materials, but they only except a certain quota per day. Then the owners of that castle will get a final, most matured version of your seed that you turned into the manor manager inside their clan warehouse a day later. Those most matured versions of these items are used as currency at the Castle Blacksmith to buy items such as QHP and others. Please keep note that QHP reuse time here is longer then retail due to balance reasons, rather then the instant reuse to prevent spamming (which is subject to change). QHP are also blocked in events.

Question: How do Rebirths work?

Answer: You can Rebirth at the NPC named Beverly in Giran. She will make you level 20 again, but do not worry, you will keep your skills and skill enchants. You will also gain 10 Feathers of Blessing which will allow you to learn special skills or buy special items. For the list of skills you can talk to Beverly.

Mini Rebirths: In addition to above, we have something called a "Mini Rebirth". A Mini Rebirth puts you at level 84 but only gives you 2 Rebirth Feathers instead. The advantage to this is that you will still be able to use your s84 gear, join events, and do Olympiad!

Question: I need help with .recover

Answer: The .recover commmand is only useful to attach an email to your account (so you can gain access to your account by changing the password) after we had a security breach on June 12th 2014, and you have yet to access that account since we have reset the password on it. If you are trying to use this for any other purpose, it will not work.

What do I put in the "Account" field on the recover page: Simply type in the account name you want to attach an email to so you can reset your password/gain access.
What do I put in the "One Character Name" field on the recover page: Type one name of any character on that account you are wanting access to.
What do I put in the "Old Password" field on the recover page: Type in the password of your account before the password reset happened, so basically your old password.
What do I put in the "New Email" field on the recover page: Type in the Email address you want to attach to the account, so you can gain access to it. Remember to put a valid email address that you have access to otherwise it won't help.

What now?: If you have completed the the recovery process successfuly. You may now go to and click "Accounts" then "Forgot Your Password" and reset your password so you can play that account again!

Question: Why should I attach an email to my account?

Answer: For advanced security features for your account. Such as you automatically being notified via mail if someone tries to delete a character on your account. Also if you ever forget your password, you don't have to worry you can easily recover your password with your email. On top of all that, more security features will be added soon, but you wont get them unless you attach an email to your account!

Question: What is Skrill, and how is it used?

Answer: Skrill is a common form of online payments (its similar to PayPal). However, with how we have ours set up we do believe you need a Skrill account its easy to set up. You can use this method to donate when you click the purple/white Skrill button when you go to donate through our donation page It should ask for a name to send it to. You can email me at for that information.

Question: My account or items have been stolen, what can i do?

Answer: First of all, double, triple, and quadruple check and make sure you did not misplace your items on an alternative character or placed it in a clan warehouse by accident. If its your account, hopefully you have an email attached to your account, that way you can go to and click "Game Accounts" and reset your password and gain access to your account again with out any sort of GM Involvement.

What you should know: These sort of problems our crippling our server. The reason being the time it takes to investigate these cases, and due to how many of them there is of them, too much of our time is being consumed and its effecting the server a lot! Sometimes we can barely get anything done developement wise, like making new features and fixing problems, because these account/item cases are taking up all our time, and its not fair. Why should the whole serve be dragged down due to this. Keep in mind you were probably not "hacked" there has never been a confirmed case of hacking, we almost always find out its the users fault this happened, even if they think they are the victim, they are not. We are, for having to deal with their poor choices. It always ends up being their old friend or someone they used to share accounts with, or in some cases just terrible passwords like "tyrant". Once in a while, especially in PC Cafes its due to keyloggers, but people who play there should know that risk when they do play. Keep in mind if your items were stolen you probably will not get your items back, at the very most we can possibly find out who stole them for you, so dont plan on getting them back.

How to report: You will be asked a series of questions about the case, and you must submit these answers to our questions to Balls at his email at or in a private message on the forums please dont submit them in a petition. Please be truthful about your answers, since this effects the whole server with the time consumed with these cases. If you are found giving false information your case could be dropped all together, and you can even be punished for it. If these sort of situations happen to you more then once, you will be considered a neglectful player that doesnt care about their items/accounts and your case will most likely be dropped.
1.) Items/accounts stolen: Please give a full and detailed list of whats missing, if its items list the items enchants and elements. Also please tell use your Character name and Account name of where your account/items were taken.
2.) Who do you share accounts with: Who all do you share accounts with, do you have any altnerative buffers you let your friend use? Please let us know, if you lie to us we may drop your case and not investigate anything.
3.) When did it happen: When exactly was your items/account taken from you, give us a date and time you found out. Please be as accurate as possible.
4.) When did you still have your items/account: We need the last 24 hour period you know of in which you still had your accounts/items. An example of this would be (i know i had my items on July 10th and 11th) please give an accurate as possible date/time.
5.) How can we contact you?: Where would be the most convenient place to contact you for when we have the results of the invesigation or if we need to ask extra questions. Something like an Email, or a player name we can mail in game.

Please dont keep messaging us about the case. You contacting us will only slow down the process and take up even more of our time. We should message you by the deadline about what we know and how the case went.

Question: How do Teams get sorted in Team Events?

ATTENTION PLAYERS: The team balance system is not a miracle system that is always going to work, in fact its completely flawed and is going to fail most of the time. Its not an easy equation its frankly very complex, and if you think its that straight forward to create your naive. The system DOES work better then having teams "randomized" so in that sense, it works. If you think you can do any better prove it, or if you think you can find a server with a better balance system we dare you too, good luck. If you wish to complain and cry about this system too much you will be subject to chat banning, but we hope you read this and understand the situation a little better.

Answer/How It Works: We have a custom balancing system that helps increase the chance of a balanced fight. Here is an example of how it works, when an Event starts, each individual player is rated on how well they can help their team, based on their Class (mainly if they are a support class, like a buffer or healer), their gear, enchants, elemental attributes, their level, if they are noble, if they have hero, and few other factors. After everyone is rated, the teams are split as equal as possible based on the teams overall points. Support classes are rated the highest, this system will always put support classes on opposite teams, for example if there is 2 support classes signed up for an Event, its impossible for them to be on the same team, if there are 8 support classes signed for an event, 4 will be set on each team, this is just an example of what it can do. But please understand this just improves the chance of balanced fights, it is far from perfect, fights can still be completely one sided for example if an odd number of support classes join an event, one team will get 2 of them, the team with 1 will get compensated with higher rated players of course.

Why/When it doesn't work: Remember this system CAN NOT rate someones personal ability to play their class and how in the world would we do that, and do it accurately? So someone not knowing how to play their class may screw up balance. Teams can become unbalanced easily if someone is not a team player, and does not know how to work as a team, or create or join parties, or if they disconnect, force log (especially a support class) or go afk, so please keep all this factors in mind that could unbalance a fight.

My team is getting slaughtered...: Again, this is not some miracle system, and some people could simply suck at their class, or people on your team could have went afk or DCed. However, if a slaughter does happen we help out, the team that is losing drastically will get a special buff (Event Blessing) which is like a CoV/Prophecy buff, but it stacks with everything! Additionally a team being slaughtered will get 35 seconds of invincibility upon leaving their spawn room. In some cases this helps a team catch up, and helps make things funner.

Why we use it: If you don't know the answer to that by now, then you didn't read the rest of this FaQ section properly. It works better then having teams randomly chosen, how do we know this? We log every event outcome. Events are proven to be more balanced more often with this system compared to just "random", and a lot of other information about events is also logged so we can continue to improve this system, and we continue to log even more information about events to give even better results. Additionally if a team is getting slaughtered we give them some nice benefits to help them catch up. This is a never ending work in progress.

Question: How do you get Armor Tokens?

Answer: Their are lots of different ways to get armor tokens. They are generally from dimensional portals. These portals can be accessed by chance while doing the following activities: Killing monsters in farmzones, fishing, PvP, Events, and even Fortress Sieges (killing guards). If you did not know, Armor Tokens allow you to use .dressme > Special for that type of armor. It does not give any stats its just skins/cosmetics. To see how to each one specifically type .dressme and click "special" then click the [ ? ] button next to each armor, it will tell you how!

Question: How do Territory Wars work?

Answer: Territory Wars happen once every other Saturday at 12 PM PST (GMT -8) on the day before sieges. Anyone can Register for the Territory war anytime up to 2 hours before it starts, after that registration is closed. You may sign up at a Mercenary Captain NPC located near that towns Manor Manager. Any clan owning a castle is automaticaly signed for a Territory War. A clan leader or a clan member with apropriate privledges can sign up their entire clan for a Territory War. Even players with out a clan can sign up individualy for a Territory War. Once a Territory War begins all castles, the area around the castles and the first fortress of that Territory becomes a battlefield (which is specified on your map). During a Territory War a Ward (which is like a flag) is located inside each castle, each ward that a castle owns gives that castle owning clan stat bonuses, for example +1 DEX and + 1 WIT. The main goal of Territory Wars is capturing other castles Wards for those stat bonsuses. To capture an enemy clan's Ward you must get inside their throne room and you will see the Ward on the ground, you must attack the Ward to be able to carry it, once you have obtained it you will have it in your hands making fighting very difficult and you must cast a capture skill that the Ward gives you on your clans Outpost to obtain that Ward. An Outpost is a structure that can be made by a castle owning clan leader inside a battllefield. Headquarters are also available during Territory Wars so that your clan members have somewhere close by to spawn. When a Territory War begins a Catapult is spawned inside the first fortress of that territory, if you are able to destroy that Catapult it will disable some of the defensive functions of its corresponding castle, for example if you were to destroy the catapult in the Innadril region, Innadril castle's doors will open up and and defensive NPCs and functions will be disabled. This is just an overview of how Territory Wars work, for additional questions scroll down below.

Question: What do you get from Territory Wars?
Answer: The main goal of Territory Wars is to take other castle's Wards to give your own clan stat bonuses. Each Ward gives a stat bonus like +1 Wit and + 1 Dex. Some castles give different bonuses for example one can give +1 Str and +1 Int. Please note on our server all Wards are spawned back in their own castle at the beginning of each Territory Ward, making clans have to work to keep other castles wards. If you are not able to keep your own ward you can not gain stat bonuses from other Wards. Another difference on our server is that you may only have the effects from up to 3 wards at a time. Even if you had all 9 wards you would still own all 9 of them, just only 3 of them will give your clan bonuses to preserve balance. To manage which wards you want in effect for your clan a clan leader can type .wards.

Question: What is a Ward?
Answer: A Ward is a item that looks like a Flag, Each castle has a Ward, the Ward is what gives that stat bonuses for your clan. Please note on our server you cannot enter a peace zone with a Ward in your hands, if you do it will disappear and be put back in the castle it was in last. Please NOTE that "hiding" a ward in the ocean is against the rules, or putting it in a spot that is not obtainable due to getodate etc. Remember the ward can be tracked on your map so you can find where it is at, you can even /target it if a player is no longer holding it, if its Goddard ward you can target it with /target Goddard. If requested GMs will check the position of the ward to make sure its not illegal, after the territory war is over a GM may the accusing players where the ward was to prove it was not an illegal position. Players who have a ward in their hands and are not on siege ground can be killed with out the other playing going red.

Question: How do you take a Ward?
Answer: A Ward can be taken from an enemy castle by breaking into a castles throne room, the Ward will be sitting on the ground, but to obtain it you must attack it. Once you have done enough damage to it you will automaticaly equip the Ward. Once you have the Ward in your hands you must cast a skill that the Ward gives you on your Clans Outpost, the cast lasts much longer then a normal skill and can not be interuppted so you will need protection, if you succeed the Ward will belong to your clan and will be placed inside your castles throne room.

Question: What is an Outpost?
Answer: An Outpost is a structure that a castle owning clan leader can build on a battlefield, its purpose its ability for you to cast a Ward on it to obtain that Ward. Outpost creation is a skill that a castle owning clan leader will have, much like a Headquarters. Headquarters can also be made during a Territory War inside a battlefield.

Question: How do you sign up for a Territory War?
Answer: If your clan owns a castle then you are automaticaly signed up and have nothing to worry about. If you are a non castle owning clan and want to participate you can sign up your clan at the Mercenary Captain NPC in town near that towns Manor Manager. If you are a clanless individual and want to sign up you can as well, at the Mercanary Captain. Registration can be done up until 2 hours before the Territory War begins.

Question: What do Fortresses have to do with it?
Answer: When a Territory War starts, a Catapult is spawn in each territories first fortress (which will be marked by a blue flag on your map). If you destroy that Catapult for that territory, the castle from that territories defensive NPCs and defensive castle functions dont work anymore and its castle doors will open, making it easier to attack that castle.

Question: How does the vote reward system work?

Answer: Just go to or our homepage and click a vote button and follow the instructions given to you. It will ask you to vote for 4 top sites, after you do it will give you a random code like "ABC123". Then in game you type the (.vote) command and enter your code to recieve prizes. Read below for the prize details!

1.) You get 10 Gold Einhasad every vote! Its for the voting area of the GM Shop.
2.) You get a Lucky Trinket every vote! It enables you to obtain 10% more adena from mobs for 24 hours. Mutliple Trinkets do not stack.
3.) Your vitality is completely restored every vote! Vitality makes it where you gain more experience from mobs.
4.) You also get random prizes every vote! Look below for what you can get and at what % chance.
1%: 150 Gold Einhasad
5%: 1 S Grade Blessed Enchant Weapon
5%: 1 S Grade Blesed Enchant Armor
7%: 1 Bound Giant's Codex Mastery
10%: 1 Bound Top 84 Life Stone
10%: 2 Bound Giant's Codex
10%: 1 Gold Bar
10%: 2 Elemental Crystals
10%: 4 Elemental Stones
12%: 200,000,000 Adena
20%: 100 Cracked Kinship crystals
* On average, a single vote is worth over 700,000,000 adena in prizes, if your lucky your vote can be worth over 3 Billion adena in prizes. Voting takes less then 1 minute, its worth your time!

Question: What is Western Union, and how is it used?

Answer: Western Union is a money transfer service, and there is no credit cards required you can do this with cash. Western Union is available in many countries and the service can be found in places such as Grocery Stores and Gas Stations. To see if there is a location near you where this service is provided you can go to and click "Find Locations". It will ask you where you live to locate one near you. After you find a location here is what you need to know. At the place where the service is provided they will have you fill out a form with some of your information such as your name, your city, your country, your state (if applicable), amount of money your sending. You will also need the information of the person your sending to, which is Balls, you will need his Name, City, State, and Country as well. To get it please contact him in private in a petition (/gm), email (, or pm him on the forums. Once you have this information you can fill out the form properly. Once the donation is made you will need to contact Balls and tell him your information as well, he cant pick up the donation with out it, your name, your city, your country, your state (if applicable), amount sent, and the MTCN (this is a transaction number that will be on your receipt it will be 10 digits long). Remember to tell us what you would like from your donation as well, and which character to send it to. They also offer online transactions, but the main attraction is the cash only method for donation through actual physical stores.