Lineage 2 Equanimity Account Creation Guide

L2 Equanimity Account Creation
Loc: Lineage 2 Equanimity Accounts Page

1.) To create an account for our Lineage 2 server go to our website and click "Accounts" on the left column, then click "Create".

2.) After you click "Create" another page will pop up where you will put in the Account Name, and Password you want for your new account along with your Email. Before clicking Create to create your account make sure to put in the security code in the slot below "Email" then click "Create".

3.) Once you've created your account you will be send an email to the email you put in when you made your account, go check your email and click the link where it says "here" and it will take you to a page that says "Your account has been activated. Have fun!"), Now your account is created and ready to be used, so just start up Lineage 2, login, and have fun! :D

Click here to go to the L2 EQ Account Creation Page -----> = Lineage 2 Equanimity Account Creation Page