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Lineage 2 Equanimity Current Staff/Contact Info

Name: Balls
Status: Admin/Owner
Language(s): English & Translator
Forum: Balls
Facebook: Lineage 2 Equanimity Facebook Page (Click Here)
Youtube: Lineage 2 Equanimity Youtube Page (Click Here)

Name: Reaper91
Status: Head GM
Language(s): English & Translator
Forum: Reaper91
Facebook: -

Why do some GMs have an extra number on the end?: Don't worry Balls2, Balls3, Reaper92, Reaper93 etc are real GMs. They are just boxed ones. For example Balls uses Balls, and Balls2 at the same time so he can answer more petitions at once. So more people can get help faster!

*If a GM is not online taking petitions you may Email them, or message them on the forums using the information above.

*Please let us know if anyone not on this list is impersonating Staff!