Lineage 2 Equanimity Account Email Attaching/Changing Guide

Webpage: Lineage 2 Equanimity Account Manager Page

Attaching Email In-Game
While in game type .security which will bring a window up, the window will have a blank space for your account password, and a blank space to put your email in that you want attached. Fill out these two spaces then click "Submit". After you clicked "Submit" a new window will open that says an authorization code has been sent to the email you put in the blank space. Go check your email and get the code, then type your password in the top blank space and put the code you got from your email in the bottom blank space below where it says "Code:", then click "Submit" again and the email will be attached.

Changing Attached Email In-Game
To change the email attached to your account, just do the same thing you did to add an account, Type .security put in your password and the new email you want to change to then click "Submit". Then a new window will open saying it sent you an email with a code, go to your email, get the code, put your password in again then the code in the blank space below the password and click "Submit" again and the new email will be attached.

Attaching/Changing Email on Website
To attach/change an email on the L2 EQ Website go to and click "Accounts") on the left column, or click the link at the top of this guide. Now that your on the "Account Manager" login to your account, then click "Change your email". (this process is the same whether your attaching an email or changing the attached email) After clicking "Change your email" a new page will open where you will need to put your password for your account, and the new email you want to attach/change to twice, after that click "Change" to complete the email attach/change and you will be taken to a page that says "Your email has been changed".