Vote for us!

Help the server grow, and get rewards! Vote once every 12 hours and get a Prize!

1.) Click each of the 4 vote links below, and then vote at each of them. (DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW)

2.) Click the Reward Button after you have voted at all 4 sites.

3.) Wait for the 10 second timer to go down to 0.

4.) You will now get a vote code that can be used in game when typing (.vote), which will give you 10 Gold Einhasad to use at the voting area of the GM Shop. A Lucky Trinket that gives you 10% more adena per drop for the next 24 hours. Full Vitality, and a random bonus prize every single vote, type .voteinfo in game for the details. Click HERE for help.

L2 Topzone Lineage 2 private server
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More places to vote!

Here are more places you can vote at, but please note there is no reward for voting at these top sites below, there is only rewards for the ones above. but we encourage you to do so anyway, it can help our server a lot!
Vote no Top 200 Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2
L2TopNetwork Vote for L2 Equanimity at Top Site List Planet