Connect To Our Server

Step 1: Get The Client

-If you already have a High Five Client (CT2.6) Skip this section.

-Our server uses the High Five Client, so make sure you have the correct client, which is also known as CT2.6. If you don't have it, you can download the High Five Client from one of the links below. Remember to not run the official Auto-Updater. Only use our custom one if you choose to install that way. If you don't have a High Five Client, download it from one of the links below.

Mirror 1: High Five Client Download
Mirror 2: High Five Client Download

Step 2: Get The L2 Equanimity Files

- Download our patch or our Auto Updater below. If this is your first time connecting to our server its suggested you download the patch. If this is not your first time, download our updater instead, both methods work, but you only need to choose one.

Patch: Last Updated: 12-18-16 Patch
Auto Updater: Last Updated: 12-18-16 Auto Updater

- Extract to your Lineage II folder.

- Run the game by double clicking on the L2EquanimityUpdater.exe. Please make sure our updater is in your Lineage II directory. Do not place it anywhere else. Alternatively you can run the game by clicking the l2.exe inside your system folder.

Step 3: Create An Account

- You can create an account by clicking here Game Accounts, remember the account will only be activated after it is verified via email.

Need Help?

- Need help? Don't worry, we would be glad to help you, here is an Install Guide. Need help with making an account? here is an Account Guide. Additionally the community can help you on our Forum. If you would like to talk with a member of staff directly click Contact, it shows all the ways to get into contact with us.