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 Nerf all defences 
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Post Re: Nerf all defences
The problem is not the Def..... the problem are the formulas of the server that calculate the damage at all. Balls already said ones that it all need to get rewritten. Nerfing that affect the P/M Def would bring alot other problems trust me. Few servers tried that and failed alot. Its the same shit as if you increase the skillpower of any skill. Ingame it does a huge difference if you increase/decrease it with that simple "fix". As i said. Its the whole damage formula for each class/attribute and extra stats items(bossjewels for example). Aslong this thing isnt working good you can increase/decrease things but the result will be terrible.

Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:54 am

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Post Re: Nerf all defences
Attributes are entirely not a problem. Attributes have no reverse-mitigation, so assuming I'm wearing a 120x3 mixed set of armor facing off against someone with a 300 weapon, worst case scenario I have 240 defense to their 300, meaning they do 20% more bonus damage. Best case scenario I have over 300 elemental defense to match their attack, meaning they have no bonus damage. Calculate damage like normal.

The problem is redoing damage formulas are what other servers HAVE done and failed at. Correctly doing it will take lots of time and testing and would take away from other features this server would be getting. A band-aid fix would be a reduction, albeit a slight one, to additional defenses to compensate. This game wasn't really made around everyone having +20 armor sets and jewel sets and weapons. Hell, the absolute best enchanted weapon I ever saw on retail prior to Goddess of Destruction was a +20 Angel Slayer, which took the guy that had it over 6 years of building courage and having backup plans to make. Prior to that, the best weapons I ever saw were +8 or +9 at most. Best armor set I ever saw were freaking +8 Dark Crystal robes. Hardly anyone dared go over +6 on an entire armor set because the defenses and health boosts weren't worth the risk. The bonus defenses with my idea would drop the overall gear PDef bonus gained from enchanting from 54x5 (270 total) to 47x5 (or 235 total). Doesn't affect the existing formula, gives a minuscule drop in the defenses.

Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:15 pm
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Post Re: Nerf all defences
I also agree, out of all my suggestions of solution, nerfing the enchant bonuses seems the easiest one to do, is the one that makes the most sense (as the game wasn't really designed for that) and also the one that will cause the less "imbalances" as it should affect everyone more or less the same.

It would be similar to making the max enchant +16 instead of +20, but we can't really change that now, can we? :p

Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:01 pm

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Post Re: Nerf all defences
i would even vote for +10 max on armor and +16 max on weapon. I think it could be good but would like to see the damage output ingame first.

Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:46 pm
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