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 Ravens Interviews. 
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Post Ravens Interviews.
Hello everyone, this is fun little idea i had been thinking on doing for a while now, ill tho at first i whana focus in clan leaders i want later on to expand to single characters, especially those whit top pvp rankings or hero wins and so fort.

As of right now ill be taking interviews from clans level 11 and so fort, and of course newcomers to the server, this is to make new players that come to our server meet the main clans inforum and depending on the interviews they can make up their mind to join a clan or to make their own and so on.

This is also to help promote clan that need new players or to give them a bit of fame.

Keep in mind that any flame in the interviews post or making topics about it will be deleted since this is not the purpose of this, but rather to make the community of L2 Equanimity closer and have a better understanding of players and relationships between clan and so fort.

In general the interviews will be related to the clans current success like TW and Sieges but also on their members achievements such as epic rb and oly win.

Ill try to make at least one interview per week, but if time allows it i may post even more also depending on the players that wish to participate.

If you wish to be interview as a clan leader pm inforum or send me an @mail so we can arrange a perfect time for you to be interview, interviews may take up to 30 minutes so try to keep that in mind, of course it will not be only a text heavy interview but i will also integrate pictures and short movies in cases of TW/sieges or if provided by the participant mass or 1 vs 1 pvp.

My @mail is you can also pm inforum and fb as well.

Hope you guys like this new "Feature" and hope many people like this and bring the community closer and be a more friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.


Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:46 pm
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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.
Today April 20th,2013 we interview TellContar who is the current leader of the clan UndergroundArmy.
Hes main class is DoomBringer and he is from Chile.

Currently he's clan posses all clan skills, owns the castle of goddard and also posses 3 wards as of today.

He's clan is currently ally whit FaceControl.

Ravens (Q) Were did the name of UndergroundArmy originates?
TellContar (A) MMM, Good question, the story behind it is a bit long but ill try to make it short, The clan started off as Legends, as far as i know the second oldest clan in server after thunderstorms, after a few problems between founders that ruin the reputation of Legends, i decide to change the clan's name to this current name which is UndergroundArmy.

Ravens (Q) I see, so that means that your clan is quite the veteran in this server, do you remember when it was founded?
TellContar (A) Well i don't remember the exact date, but it was in the year 2011 so we been here almost since the beginning.

Ravens (Q) So have you been the only leader since legends, or has there been any other leader in your clan?
TellContar (A) Well the very first leader was Athila, but when we first started the clan we were only Six members so we tend to rotate between leaders, At the end when Legends end i was leader which i then went ahead to become leader of UndergroundArmy.

Ravens (Q) DO you currently have any subliders/Captains in your clan? and if so what are their names?
TellContar (A) Yes, their name's are Darktemplar and Athila.

Ravens (Q) Are you currently Recruiting, and if so what do you expect from your new Members?
TellContar (A) Yes we are recruiting, as to what to expect from new members, we don't expect much, we try to help new members as much as we can, at the very least we try to help them get their gear to at least +15, and we try to get them Epic Jewels as well, after that its up to them whether to keep improving themselves or get stuck behind, this also help so they don't feel left behind or we don't care about our members and so on.

Ravens (Q) I see, that's rare to see in high rate server no on days. has this help to new members ever backfire? and if soo how do you feel about it?
TellContar (A) Well for the most part it does, sometimes new players specially join the server and we help them and for one reason or another they disapear/leave server or goes to another clan that promises something else, but it works out in the end so were not that sad about it, most of the times out of 10 people we recruit 3 are the ones that stay for the long run while that other leave or change clans.

Ravens (A) Ill take it due to your time here, may i ask what aspects of the server has made you guys stay here for such a long time?
TellContar (A) Well, an example will be that, even tho we have had some issues in the past, whether it be whit friends or whit the server itself, some actually big enough to leave the server, in the end we do like the server quite a lot, plus we have friends here, plus our entire time spent farming to get to the point we are now.

Ravens (Q) Is there a particular feature of our server that is your favorite, like an event or such?
TellContar (A) Of course, things i like the most are the CTP event, but in general i like how balance and how things are set up compare to other places, specially when it comes pvp and different classes farm style.

Ravens (Q) Have you ever been hero in our server?
TellContar (A) Well not on this char, but i have in my other chars i owned, their names are Tyran, IRomeoI, Neron and Lasthippie, all this i been hero whit.

Ravens (Q) I see, do you have any plans for the future for your clan?
TellContar (A) Well one of my biggest wishes is to unite all Hispanic/latin people under one clan, but so far its been impossible, so far what i have noticed is mostly because of rivalry between nations, due to sports or whatever is the trend right now xD, however im not gonna give up and ill do my best to accomplish this goal one day, People that speak the same language tends to be friendly to each other but rivalry is hard to conquer.

Ravens (Q) Personally speaking, have you set up any goal for your char, like becoming hero or the best char in server?
TellCOntar (A) Well in all honesty, i dont have any goals set up for my char, i think if i ever do become hero in this chars it will be cause im really bored, but who knows, maybe raising the enchants in my skills but believe me its not easy, but beyond that nothing in particular, i believe my chars is pretty good as it stands right now.

Ravens (Q) What kind of music do you like?
TellContar (A) I like Metal from the 80's to 90's I'm 20 years old so yeah......xD

Ravens (Q) Whats your favorite food, and whats food you dislike the most?
TellContar (A) Well favorite food is pastas, as for dislikes i don't like tomatoes but i wont generalize xD

Ravens (Q) jajaja I see, any enemys your at war and if so why, and you want more war?
TellContar (A) Well we currently in war whit 5 clans, but we have over 20 that has declare on us, as for why, there is many reasons but sometimes its cause we hate them xD, and in some cases we don't declare war to some enemy's just to make them mad but its a continuous flame war none the less, sometimes in not necessarily the clans themselves but the member they have that makes us hate them, and one last thing for those who keep Pming me about war just stop it, when were ready for your clan will declare but please don't stop your war whit us afterwards >.>

Ravens (Q) Do you have any rivals ingame that you just don't whana loss to?
TellContar (A) Yes, an old friend of mine and current leader of SkullsAndBones and is name is BlackSheep he knows why.......

Ravens (Q) And now for a random question, If you were a GM for 1 day what would you do whit those powers?
TellContar (A) Well first i will enchant all my skills to maximum and then to 1 friend and only 1 i would give him a jewel set epic boss +++

Ravens (Q) Lastly anything you want to say to end this interview?
TellContar (A) Yes, Stop pming me about accepting wars, and if you do declare war don't take it back after one day cause its boring otherwise which is why i don't declare war backs xD

This ends the interview of TellContar and hes clan UndergroundArmy.


Ps. Keep in mind this is my first interview i have ever done, so ill try to make it more organized whit the questions but i personally thank everyone that supports this new aspect of the server and hope that everyone supports it, as i said earlier this will mostly be done for clan leaders first and after we have a bunch of them we will move to more personal aspect as in 1 char at a time instead of the entire clan so i thank you before hand, and if you have any tips for me pm inforum and ill make arrangements to fix the issues take care and as always have fun :{>


Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:05 pm
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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.
Today 4/23/13 I bring you an interview whit the leader of Clan Invictus, He's current character goes by the name of Orianthi, an Eva's Saint, but he's also known as Mirajane, one of the Top Duelist players in the server, He's background consist of having played in retail/official server, also being under the training of MuerteLegend which is know as one of the top duelist in the world.

Orianthi has a 5 year l2 experience and he's very knowledgeable about the inner workings of various classes in lineage, which makes he's clan one of the toughest and strongest clans in our server, choosing quality over quantity, goes to show that even when being outnumber can prove that teamwork can be quite troublesome to their enemy's, case and point during this weekend Territory wars & Sieges, they show off what they can really do even whit being outnumber, ill tho during Sunday's siege lost giran castle which belong to the alliance, still manage to put up a great fight and prove why there are one of the top clan in our server.

Clan Name: Invictus.
Clan Leader name: Orianthi/Mirajane
Alliance: DeadLegacy
Clan's Ally whit: NewEra & UnseenHand

Ravens (Q) Were did the name Invictus For your clan come to be?
Orianthi (A) The name Invictus was suggested by C0nfused, and i suggested the name of the alliance, which to me its more important, there is a long story behind this name, both in this server and specially in others, since it was the name of my old clan back in retail on the Teon Server, i ask permission to use it from the original leader which were DyingLeaf and Muertelegend, this last one was my teacher on duelist, hes a very good Russian player and professional video maker.

Ravens (Q) What clan are currently your ally?
Oeianthi (A) NewEra which belongs to Agree & DemoEditer which are the two man army, but technically their are Invictus members whit full rights and during TW & Siege they'll drop pet clan and join us, the other clan is UnseenHand, their leader is an old friend of mine that used to go by the name of Sexylegz and now goes by HealYourAss lol.

Ravens (Q)During this weekend TW/Siege's your clan/ally put up a great fight even tho things didn't go as you may have wanted, but still very impressive, has it been hard leading you clan to such point of teamwork?
Orianthi (A) Its though and really tiring job but i hold my own, many will think is hard to deal whit organization in ally but sometimes is harder to deal whit clan member which in some cases tends to be even harder than anything.

Ravens (Q) Any rivalry between clan/wartags and if so why?
Orianthi (A) Well historically Invictus as always have war whit PiratesRequiem, but they have drop war for the time being for problems in their leadership core, so i understand and i don't shout for war, when there ready they'll declare war back and we will be ready for when the time comes, also we have a war whit UnderGroundArmy, but there is a very different reason for it, mainly cause one its core members i wont say name's so ill leave it at that.

Ravens (Q) Besides Orianthi and Mirajane, do you have any other chars of interest?
Orianthi (A) Well i just finish making a "Monster" Named Zeira a Shillien Saint Exclusively for Custom raid boss, which i personally belief is one of the best for RB, Eva's Saint is a great for pvp but for raidboss it lacks skills so that's why i made this new char.

Ravens (Q) Any goal's plan for your clan?
Orianthi (A) 2 to be exact, 1 is to regroup all the Veteran of Equanimity, which is a hard achievement, Mainly cause of the poison blood from old times, but im having good results nonetheless, and second is to add new member in our clan, not to many but the one's we do accept we help them get gear and all that stuff, since we prefer quality over quantity, because of this me and Kaye choose wisely who we invite in to our clan.

Ravens (Q) Does this mean your actively recruiting? and if so what you expect from newcomers?
Orianthi (A) Well not necessarily active recruiting like other clans do, we think that having 3 to 5 new members at a time is more beneficial since we can keep a track of their needs and prepared them better, it may affect us in the short term but since we tend to equipped people rather well we thinking more of a long term rather being shortsighted like many other clans, of course we coulndt do this if we had 20 newbies it will be chaos, also we have to watch out for spies and god knows there plenty of them in this server xD

Ravens (Q) During this Sunday's Sieges even tho you lost but you guys put up a great fight, you think this is the result of your recruiting methods?
Orianthi (A) in a big way it is, ill tho this time quantity won, even tho it took them 30 minutes to defeat 1 and half party but in the end they did defeat us, but On Saturdays Territory war quality did win so were happy whit the results so far and in the end were here to have fun and nothing more ^^.

Ravens (Q) What have been your personal achievements, goals in this server so far?
Orianthi (A) well hero to me it doesn't seem that important for many reasons, but is this server you can play an underrated char and can become hero so its not as important as lets say retail or such, and i can play this classes and show to people there not as bad has they made it out to be, Lineage 2 is far more than just saying that one class is op for some stupid reasons, all chars are good but they need to be set up properly, what work for one person's play-style may not work whit someone Else's, and as one of my greatest achievements is not making a powerful clan whit 50 people in or running around whit an op class, but rather giving my knowledge of l2 to everyone, ill tho i think i get flame by it many times xD

Ravens (Q) I see, How Long have you play here in l2equanimity?
Orianthi (A) Ill say about 2 years, and i seen many different eras whit many different players that come and go, I could never leave this server or l2 for that matter, i could be bore of l2 at times but its not cause of equanimity, it may have problems sometimes when it comes to growing the community whit more players but, i love it and its my L2 House.

Ravens (Q) I see, can you tell what part of our server you like the most?
Orianthi (A) Well im not some random pvp player, i don't like common 2x1, 1x1, 2x2 in farm zones, ill tho the majority of my pvp are from 1 vs 1 challenges, a lot of them are from mass pvp during TW/Sieges, but in TW and Siege is what i like most cause that were you can show your intellect to make strategy's, organize, and to Role play cause after all that what rpg are for, to immerse yourself in your character, and just to log in and make a party of 4 and go kill some newbie randomly in a farmzone.

Ravens (Q) I imagine as one of the top players you get challenge quite a lot then?
Orianthi (A) Yeah, but i decided to change professions, which is why i play healer now, but even now i still get a lot of flame "Muchos", and i got bored of playing gladi xD

Ravens (Q) Moving now in to more personal aspects of you, what kind of music do you like?
Orianthi (A) Well i big wide range, but Industrial metal and dubstep, generally not chill music xD

Ravens (Q) Any favorite foods?
Orianthi (A) Well I'm Italian so if we start talking about food, we wont end this soon xD, im not a fat boy or anything but i eat a lot XD

Ravens (Q) jaja i see, any hobby's?
Orianthi (A) if you can call l2 an hobby, but my car is one of my greatest hobby's, i have a religion for it, and my uncle repairs electrical parts of cars so i got hook on it, and now its my passion.

Ravens (Q) Do you have any rivals in particular that you wouldn't want to lose no matter what?
Orianthi (A) Hmm, yeah ill tho i wont say names, but lets say hes on my clan now and we've become good friends, but in the old times there were a lot of drama between me and him xD

Ravens (Q) If you could be a GM for a day what would you do whit those powers?
Orianthi (A) Well even if i don't have GM powers, one of my goals is to help the community no matter what, get them involve in stuff, whether that be pvp or just some random stuff, like that this stuff your doing whit the interviews is one way to get closer to the community and things like this is what i would like to do.

Ravens (Q) Before we end this Interview and last thing you want mention to your friends or enemy's for that matter?
Orianthi (A) I love this community friends and enemy's alike, whit out enemy's were would the fun be? that's my message.

And whit done we end our interview whit the clan leader of Invictus, a clan whit a strong sense of teamwork and friendly community towards everyone whether it be enemy's or ally's, hope they continue like this and bring even more awesomeness to our server, and i personally more clans like this keep popping out since it will be great for everyone and make more interesting pvps for everyone.

Finally i leave a picture of Orianthi

PS. Next interview will be whit the clan leader of UnseenHand. This will come out on Thursday and remember if you wish to be interview pm inforum or @mail me at


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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.


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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.
Blossom is interested in doing interviews with players too, if you would like to be interviewed please contact her at, or you can pm her here on the forums. :)


Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:08 pm
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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.

Hey guys sorry about being absent for so long but i had some personal matter i had to attend to, but now im back and from now every Wednesday ill be doing interviews for clan leaders, so if you like to be interview by me, you can petition me whenever im online or by @mailing me at so hope you guys enjoy this interviews and hopefully this will help make your clan whit new members and be recognized.

BB :{>


Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:43 pm
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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.
Today August 7th of 2013 We interview HealzYourAss and SeVeR both from clan UnseenHand.
HealzYourAss is from Canada and SeVeR is from the USA and they are the Clan leader and Sub leader respectably.

HealzYourAss is a Cardinal.
SeVeR is a Wind Rider.

Ally: UmWantedOnes / Allied Clans: PirateRequiem & ThunderStorm

Current Property: Clan Hall in Goddard, Owners of Dion Castle.

(Q) Ravens: Were did the name of your clan UnseenHand come from?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Well, For two years the clan was firstly name Undecided, then i left the game for real life issues which during such time SeVeR took command of the clan.
(SeVeR) I run the clan for about 6 months, but i wanted to revive the clan, so i renamed the clan, change Clan halls and change the crest, whit the bosses approval of course.
I chose this name due to ill tho we were a smaller clan, but the few we had were strong and prominent members, and we were like a secret society henceforth UnseenHand.

(Q) Ravens: How old is the clan, how long have you been playing here and how long have you play together?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) I personally have been here for about 4 years now, the clan however was founded 3 years ago, when i first started here, i begin whit clan name SilentSnipers.
(SeVeR) I been here for 2 years, and my first and only clan on l2equa, true loyalty.

(Q) Ravens: Did you guys become friends before or after joining the server?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Here.
(SeVeR) It was here around 2 years ago, we started pvp'ing together, we got along, had many lol's and no one can touch us when we duo pvp, me and him are unbeatable unless zerged of course xD.
(Healz) And ever since then we been the best of friends.

(Q) Ravens: Are there any other subleader in you're clan?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Yes we have four, Zero, Kireek, HomoWhitNoJob and KatieC

(Q) Ravens: Are you currently and if so what do you expect from prospects members?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Yes we are currently recruiting, i tend to clean the clan every to weeks to keep active members....well active.
(SeVeR) Yes, active english speaking players whit a sense of humor and 420 friendly, and Female Players must be 18+ years old xD (J/K)
(Healz) yeah what SeVeR says but to keep in mind we treat everyone like family cause were here to have fun afterall.
(SeVeR) Yeah no clan hoppers please :P

(Q) Ravens: What can players expect when joining you're clan?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Well were not your conventional clan that were here only for the pvp and such, we like to interact whit the members and create trust between the clan.
(SeVeR) Yes, We will do in-clan events like Hide & Seek, PvP in the coliseum were if the players won they will get items from previous RB drops etc.
(Healz) We like to help new players whit their gear, we do plenty of Epic RB as well as custom RB, not only we want to have a strong clan that can beat anyone whos not our ally, but create closer and grow stronger both as players and our trust on each member of the clan, to me the clan is my Family.
(SeVeR) Doing all this as a clan help us gain experience creates loyalty and trust and make our clan stronger as well.

(Q) Ravens: On a more Personal Level, What Aspects of our server you like the most?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) I love it all.
(SeVeR) I love the custom aspects like the .dressme and different glow on the weapons, which as allow me to become "The White Flash" a persona that fits both my Play Style, and i can look the part.
(Healz) her Sev? is that what the girls call you? The White Flash?
(SeVeR) No, they call me the White Flash cause im pale and i finish fast........

(Everybody Laughing)

(Q) Ravens: Are you a war oriented clan, if so any clan war going on right now?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) O yeah, a lot, like we will war everyone.
(SeVeR) well, technically if you are not a clan member or ally then you are all enemy's xD
(Healz & SeVeR) our Motto is "You run whit us or Against Us"

(Q) Ravens: Any Future Plans for the clan?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz & SeVeR) yes grow,
Stay as owners of The hard Zone "FoW"

(Q) Ravens: Have any of you become hero in our server?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) SeVeR has i dont do oly.
(SeVeR) I have, but only to prove that i could, however i prefer to be a hero killer than to be a hero that kills.

(Q) Ravens: I see, is there a Particular Rival you just don't want to lose to?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Yes, Tuf
(SeVeR) Well only players a consider rival will be other WR, but whit that said, the only WR the come close to defeating me was Panxaaa, many will think it was Ace, but the truth is he copy my build, but it was never used against me, for the record it was a char that was share by 2 players so cant say for sure who in reality was the better ACE.

(Q) Ravens: If you were a GM for a Day what would you do whit such powers?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Ill probably create many events and no just those consisting of pvp but many creative ones as well.
(SeVeR) probably the same as him xD

(Q) Ravens: Finally is there anything you want to add to the Interview, to either new members or enemies?

(R) Healz & SeVeR: (Healz) Well just Run whit us or From us.
(SeVeR) Well mostly for new members, to keep in mind that this is a fairly custom server and not compared whit retail, whit that in mind, build your toon according to your character and not using cookie cutter builds,
Also If you are a newbie and whana shine try to have ill the epic raid boss quest finish, aaaaaannnnddd You run whit us or from us......Bishes.
End Of The Interview.

Ravens Opinion: Well this was quite a fun interview, both leaders seem to know what their doing, not only looking out to make a name for their clan, but also creating a stronger bond between each and every member, not only creating an atmosphere of friendship but that of trust and loyalty.

P.S. Ill be adding my own short opinion on the clan base on the interview, ill tho experience may differ once you join, my opinion will be base upon my experience during the interview.


Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:11 am
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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.
Hello everyone and welcome to another segment of Ravens Interviews.

On today's segment were interviewing The leaders of Clan Akatsuki.
They are Healarious and Kenchan and the languages they speak are Greek and English


Clan Foundation

(Q) Ravens: When was your clan founded?

(R) Heal & Ken: hoo that's an easy one, the clan was formed almost 4 months ago, Healarious started it whit his friends, then we meet each other and we are here until now.

(Q) Ravens: What are your current ally/enemies at this time?

(R) Heal & Ken: I would not say we have any enemies in particular or any allies, my main role in the clan is to be the brain. so we have an excellent relationship with almost every clan, as for enemies....not anyone for sure, just some small fights that end after a while or a bit of talking :P

(Q) Ravens: A question to Heal, what made you decide to start your own clan?

(R) Heal & Ken: I was mostly motivated by my friends, they wanted us to be together as a family, and that's what we are now, a big happy family.

(Q) Ravens: How's the clan organized and are decisions made?

(R) Heal & Ken: The clan is organized based on respect and trust, as the subleader I am the one healarious trust the most in the clan, after that we watch who of our members is helping the clan, having a positive attitude, stuff that show us that he is a good guy, So we have Heal's best friend as a 2nd royal captain, CriticalDMG, Daenyris, Alcaldir, CellinaVIP as knights.

As for wars, we ask our members and for any other clan related actions, also because we want to be fair and give members a chance of getting higher in the clan we allow them to have a duel against the captains if we deem them worthy, and if they win they can have the position.

(Q) Ravens: What have you learn from being a leader/subleader about maintaining a clan that you wish you knew when you first started?

(R) Heal & Ken: Well, it is a hard one, because i have learned a lot about maintaining a clan, that did not know before, but i the same time i dont believe knowing this info before hand would have help, because discovering all these feelings and ideas is what has made me the way I am today, by creating a stronger bond whit clan and its members.

(Q) Ravens: What has been your clans greatest achievements so far?

(R) Heal & Ken: That's a hard one cause, i don't believe we have achieve something amazing because all of the things we do felt amazing.

(Q) Ravens: How about your greatest/hardest war/pvp/tw/siege as a clan?

(R) Heal & Ken: NOW WERE TALKING, now were freaking talking.
Discord castle was under attack by GeneiRyodan and Pirates Requiem, and Discord had Invictus, But Healarious decided to dispatch me, TitiTrotineta and CriticalDMG to help, so 3 of us destroyed 1 pt of GR and 1 of PR, and the same day we conquer the castle of Shuttgard, so it was like a double bonus, im sure everyone felt great that day.

(Q) Ravens: Are you currently recruiting members?

(R) Heal & Ken: Of course we are always, all the requirements are to know at least a basic level of english, be active and to be ready to have fun.

(Q) Ravens: Do you offer any gifts or rewards to new members when they join?

(R) Heal & Ken: Yep, :D We are always helping every member of the clan, new or old by raiding but our greatest assets is the events that me and Kenchan organize, we have Hide & Seek event were ken hides in giran and the first 3 that find him gets a prize, also we have a duel tournament events, racing events, RB hunting T-Rex Hunting and FoR Farming, and the best, Quizz Time when we ask clan related questions.

(Q) Ravens: Do you allowed ALTS in your clan?

(R) Heal & Ken: NO, not actually alts, We have buffers, which we accept, but no alts from other clans or in other clans.

(Q) Ravens: Question for Kenchan, As a subleader what are you responsible in clan?

(R) Kenchan: Well, im responsible for almost everything, from finding new members to creating RB party's, event manager, and so fort, also teach new members to respect leaders first and fore most, a clan that does not respect its clan leader is a dead clan.

(Q) Ravens: Does your clan incur fees upon its members, if not then hows the clan sustain itself?

(R) Heal & Ken: No clan member is told to tribute adena, the money management is done by me and healarious, the members can donate to the clan as much as they want and only if that's what they want.

(Q) Ravens: When a conflict happens in your clan how do you handle it?

(R) Heal & Ken: Well, so far there hasn't been any conflict worth mentioning, but if that were to happen, we will try to found out how to conflict begin and solve the problems as soon as possible.

(Q) Ravens: Question for Heal, Have to kick someone out of your clan, and in the same token what has been your roughest time as a clan leader?

(R) Healarious: Yeah unfortunately i have, the last member we kick out was due to hes attitude, but also we kick player who are inactive for a period of time, and my hardest time so far, was at a Innadril's siege, when kenchan was not here, and the clan was basically demoralized and i had to do something to keep the castle vs a hero and hes friends.

(Q) Ravens: What advise would you give to people searching for a new clan, or that are not happy whit their current one?

(R) Heal & Ken: As long as they continue to play on our server they can either join us or make a new clan and bring some friends and make a difference, there is no point in giving up. (heal) we have cookies come play whit us, (ken) ignored him >.>

(Q) Ravens: What plans do you guys have for the future of your clan?

(R) Heal & Ken: (Ken) Well i do not know what healarious plan when he first created this clan, but when i join i swore to him that i will do everything that i can to make this one of the top clans in the server.
(Heal) I just wanted a big family and to go for raids and have fun together whit everyone, this idea was inspired by a song :D.

(Q) Ravens: if you could make 1 rule that all clans must abide by, what rule would that be?


(Q) Ravens: If the 2 of you were GM's for a day what would you do whit those powers?

(R) Heal & Ken: What we still trying to do, Help the server by getting more people to come, ohh oh oh and on character creating all female characters would wear bikinis, that what in would do.

(Q) Ravens: Finally, is there anything else you like to tell to newcomers to our server?

(R) Heal & Ken: Guys, join the server. IT IS FREAKING FUN!!!, that what my friend told me and i joined so i would say that to newcomers.

Ravens this concludes our interview and now here is a pic:

Ravens Final thoughts: If you are searching for a clan that has a strong respect for its members and trustworthiness this a good option for you, during the interview kenchan and healarious joke whit each other but in respectable manner, which is always a good sign of both friendship and respect, ill tho a somewhat new clan whit just 4 months under there belt the have shown they are a forced to be recon whit, and they have fun doing it. :{>

Next Week well be having one of the veterans clans on the interview, Clan Discord a 4 year old clan that after a summer break has come back and its ready to for war whit the entire server.

Hope you guy enjoyed this interview, remember and recommendation and suggestion are welcome and thx for your support.

Atte: Ravens.
L2 Equanimity staff.


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Post Re: Ravens Interviews.
Hello everyone and welcome to another segment of Ravens Interviews.

On today's segment were interviewing the leader of Clan Discord.
His name is Perth and the clans main language is english.


Clan Foundation

(Q) Ravens: Hello would you like to introduce yourself and you're clan?

(R) Perth: Soup nugguh I'm Perth, My clan is Discord.

(Q) Ravens: When was you're clan founded and whit whom you started?

(R) Perth: We founded our clan around four years ago? i dont even remember how lomg its been lol,
It started whit me, Firerain, Atheist and CharlieTheUnicorn, also Kai and Skyrim were some of the other originals.

(Q) Ravens: Awesome, do you currently have any alliance and if so whit whom?

(R) Perth: Yeah, but its whit my alt clan, we have friends in the server but no official alliances for the moment.

(Q) Ravens: How's the clan organized and how are decisions made?

(R) Perth: well, 3-4 of us sit on skype and bullshit, and things happen.

(Q) Ravens: Did you start the clan on your own or were you encourage by your friends?

(R) Perth: It was a mutual desicion, It all started when we were in the same clan when we joined and didn't like the leadership, so we branch off and made our own clan, in case you're curious the clan was PuppetPals.

(Q) Ravens: Whit your current experience as a clan leader, is the anything you wish you would have known when you first started?

(R) Perth: Nope........oh wait yes, Dont trust people :P

(Q) Ravens: How come?

(R) Perth: They'll try to take anything they can if you give them the opportunity :p

(Q) Ravens: What has been your clan's greatest achievements so far?

(R) Perth:I guess that we've owned 3 or 4 different castles since we started.

(Q) Ravens: What has been your toughest/most exiting battle clan wise?

(R) Perth: It has to be when me and charlitheunicon stole dion ward from the owner of aden whit only 2 ppl, the tried to hide in the rafters of aden i kill them and stole it on my soulhound and ran to oren's battlefield were charli and kenchan were waiting for me, then i gave it to kenchan to capture as he owned Innadril at the time and we did not have a castle to capture it.


(Q) Ravens: Is your clan currently taking and members?

(R) Perth: yeah, we recruit new people every now and then. We don't really have open recruitment periods, but if we find someone that we like we'll take them in.

(Q) Ravens: So, do you have any procedure by which you recruit a new member what qualifications do you look for?

(R) Perth: Mostly we just look for personality, People that we enjoy talking and being around. If we have good synergy then it will be easier to comunicate and comunication is vital for PvP etc.

(Q) Ravens: Do you have any clan runs, like special days you go whit the clan and do stuff like RB hunting, PvP, Powerlevel etc etc?

(R) Perth: Nah we basically just log in when we're bored and do stuff whit whoever is on lol.

(Q) Ravens: Any rules when it comes to you're clan. like do they have to pay fees, or such and if not, how does the clan support itself and new members?

(R) Perth: Well, it's like this, We tell people to do their own thing, and if they want to help out whit cash for CH/Items for thee new members etc etc, that's their choice and they should know it's for the good of the clan, But its not a requirement.

(Q) Ravens: As a clan leader how do you handle conflicts amongst/ or whit clan members, i imagine there has been correct?

(R) Perth: Yeah actually there has, I don't whana point out the specific instances but basically i tell them both to stfu and make up.

(Q) Ravens: I imagine you have kicked players from your clan, on the same toke what has been your roughest time as a clan leader?

(R) Perth: None really, I'm sure i have kicked ppl but i wasn't a;ways leader, We lead Discord as a collective so I'm not the only leader :p


(Q) Ravens: Any clan in particular you consider a friend/enemy?

(R) Perth: Usually Discird is everyone's enemy, We're friends whit Akatsuki and Seraphims now though, everyone else is an enemy, if you check our war list you'll see we have 70+ clans declared wars.

(Q) Ravens: So your clan is focus more on pvp correct?

(R) Perth: yes we're at war whit almost the entire server :)

(Q) Ravens: What plans you have for the future of your clan?

(R) Perth: Slaughter bitches and eat Cereal.

(Q) Ravens: If you we're a GM for a day what would you do whit those powers?

(R) Perth: I would probably make everyone dance in unison, That'd be pretty cool.

(Q) Ravens: Finally. anything you wish to say to the server, friends/enemy's etc etc?

(R) Perth: Stay fabulous, ghettofab.

This concludes Discord interview.
Here is a picture after the interview

Ravens Final thoughts: If your searching for a PvP oriented clan this is a good option, However they seem to be very selected on who they recruit, which for a lot of new comers might not be the best of choices if your new to lineage 2 game in general.
A veteran clan whit plenty of PvP experience and quite a lot accomplish in our server, they strongly belief in quality over quantity, and even tho they have high standards when recruiting once they recruit someone its someone they can trust and rely on during pvp which is the main focus of this clan.

As always we appreciated your support on this small part for the community of L2 Equanimity, and if your new to our server read the other clans interviews as well, who knows you may find a clan of you're liking and you can bring awesome game play to our server.

ATTE. Ravens
L2 Equanimity staff.


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