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 Forum Clean-Up & Management 
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Post Forum Clean-Up & Management
First of all, let me introduce myself and say a big hello to everyone!

My name real name is not important (but if we get to know each other very well, you will know it) so call me Forsaken! I live in Romania, and for the moment I'm a student in senior year at System Engineering and Aplyed Informatics. I came here, with the idea to help Balls moderating the forum and keeping it clean for him, while he can focus on other important things regarding the server. So many things I will not say about me, since it's not important... So let's get down and straight to business!

With the approval from Balls, there will be a forum clean-up, which includes the DELETE sequence of long forgotten topics. There are lot's of topics in different forum sections that are not used and some of them quite irrelevant.

Regarding the forum management, of course with the approval from Balls, I will add a lifetime for each topic. This thing has the following meaning:

Each topic that is writen and open on date X, will have a certain period to be online (two weeks for example). Do not get the wrong idea, the two weeks period will start only after the last post will arrive on the topic. So if the topic is active, the lifetime will remain as long as the topic will have what it needs (posts).

Also, if the discussion in that topic is going off-topic, I will come back to you guys and tell you to keep the subject of the topic ON or else close that topic immediatly, since the main subject of the topic is being avoided for what so ever reasons.

There are forum sections for each type of forum, so do not bring irrelevant posts in a certain topic / forum section. I don't imply not to troll or make a laugh of somebody, just as long as the post is FLAME-SAFE and OnTopic there will be no problem!

Another problem, that I've seen here is the 2x post or 2x topic. Just to be clear guys, making 2x posts in one topic or 2x topics for whatever reasons will not be accepted. If you have something important to say just post that thing in one simple and long post / topic with relevant informations about your toughts. This thing will be helpfull for us also, by moving / closing them.

The other changes that will come regarding the forum will be posted here in the future.

P.S. Thank you again Balls for this opportunity, hello again to the team and community, and wish me luck! :mrgreen:
Cheers & See you arround!

Edit! #2

I do not own a GM char in-game, so please do not waste your time in pm-ing me on forum. The least I can do with your problems, is to forward your messages to Balls, nothing else! Sorry for that, and sorry if there was any miss understanding!

I will repeat myself... There is a forum section special designated for any kind of discussions! USE THEM! If there will be a constant non-sense posting type from any certain member in an inappropiate forum section, I will take measures, and punish... The forum is already full of "useless" topics, in wrong forum sections, and most of the "usefull" topics are being filled with useless posts consisted by flame, and bullshits complains regarding to a player / clan.

So to be clear! READ the description of the forum section that you wish/want to post, so you can make a suitable post... After that, if the problem is solved, please ask for the staff to close the topic so useless spam will be avoided. This, or eighter you or who else will deviate the subject, will suffer consequences!

I could easily delete a very big number of topics that are closed / bad used and so on, but this will decrease the post number of many members, and I don't want that! (tho the forum, has no status feature based on the number of posts) - I know that I said, that there will be a delete sequence of a big number of topics.

Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:30 pm
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Post Re: Forum Clean-Up & Management
Ok, I will not re-update the first post, since for sure 90% of you guys will not struggle to read it!

So here it is!

In the past days, there has been opened like 2 or 3 topics all about complaining how Daggers or Tanks are OP and other classes are like crap! Guys please get real! Get to know the game mechanics and after that come and complain here that X class is OP and Y class sucks!

There is not possible to get 100% ballance between 32 classes!!! Not even on retail you will not see this! More over, the ballance of this server is close to 80-85%, maybe even better, and the dev team is doing a very damn well job about it!

But the main reason why I am posting here is, that, I don't want to see anymore topics about "X class is OP, GM please fix !!!" ... Guys, I know it's much easier to start a new topic and cry and so on, but if you struggle for like 2-3 minutes and search the forum, you will see that there is already a topic with the same subject in use!

So... What I'm trying to say is, that if I see anymore topics that has the same subject like any other 2-3-100 topics, I will simply delete them without any other word!

You can see below, that the 1st topic in the class disscusion is a free example of what I'm talking about! (yes I've deleted that topic, after I moved it from General Forum section)... There was no reason to keep it online since there is 1 or 2 more topics with the same subject!

So the conclusion is!


I'm sorry for being so harsh... But my job is to keep this forum clean, and I'm doing my best to keep it so!

Have a nice day / night further more, and take care!

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Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:53 pm
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