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Post Re: Balls
malibu wrote:
Before I reply, Venue, if my posts are hijacking your topic - I do not mean to do that in any way. If you want your topic to be clean to where it is only you posting about your concerns, then I will respect that and stop. Just give me one more post though ^^

eXeDusS wrote:
Stating that "he has the right to continue to post" makes no sense here

You do not make sense typing this sentence. Do I really have to go in on you on the way to conduct business? I shouldn't. If you want something done, you keep doing WHAT YOU NEED TO DO in order to get it done. IN THIS CASE, it is constantly posting in a forum where it is EXPECTED for an admin to reply. I should not have to say more about this. This is how the world functions, you either make an impact for yourself or you just watch the world turn until your hands become as dry as the pages of an 1st ed. "The Great Gatsby" novel. Pretty simple.

eXeDusS wrote:
It's his choice if he want's to post here or not.

I already mentioned this..

eXeDusS wrote:
Either way, don't take it personal, but PDA's in a gaming community from my point of view is a bit silly... Fairly, I do also want to have a decent and mature conversation over a certain topic, but to bring up subjects like "a person has his own rights" out of nowhere, is a bit too much I think, and I will treat it as it is.

LOL I can just tell that you probably don't even know how to hype up people, know how to have some fun, or err just do not know the full on purpose of being NICE. Giving PDA's is a strategy used for spreading P O S I T I V I T Y around within a group or with individuals. You clearly do not get it. I understand if you do not. I am a Full Time teacher outside the Lineage 2 world and I can tell you right now - PDA's are probably the best strategy a teacher can use to influence ANYONE TO DEVELOP SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE, and PHYSICAL abilities. Don't take this post personal by the way, everyone that you meet is a teacher and I am simply telling you what it means to give out PDA's. I do not have anything against you either since I do not know you.

I am not even going to bother posting about what a Player has a right to do or not do to. I can quite mine boggled at the fact that you believe you cannot have a mature conversation around what someone can do? I am literally too confused about this, just the idea you mentioned this just..puts me in a world of bewilderment. Right now, in the United States, We are having such a catastrophic time in regards to accepting people who are fleeing violence where they come from. They have the RIGHT to FLEE. The News talks about it all the time. Yes, that is an extreme example, but I pointed that out just because it's connected to what SOMEONE has the RIGHT to do. baahhh I have to get up early and im sitting here typing this out --.-.

Give some respect to a guy who has waited months for balls. This fact stands: He STILL BELIEVES in this server and community which, overall, is NEEDED at this time since there are barely players playing here.
^ Guess what? That was a PDA. That's silly to say? That's not Mature to say? Is it Childish to Say this? C'mon now man..

We come from different worlds when you really take a second to pause and think about our point of views. However, to think someone's opinion is silly is quite funny honestly. Go ahead, continue to think it is funny. O well, I am done. Have fun posting a reply if you do. I am done schooling players that assume to the highest degree or quite simply still need to learn about the general world and how it functions.


None taken at all :mrgreen: All your above statements are just what I was expecting: a fair normal and mature conversation on a certain subject. Maybe I seemed to be a bit acid because this community is as it is :mrgreen: 90% maybe even more of the players here tend to take anything personal, so heck if it's normal, but I love it when they do that :roll:

The fact that we still have players that believe that this server will recover one way or another, is normal. I can say that I am one of them (more or less), otherwise I would've waste my time IG and/or on forum at all.

Either way, see you indeed IG (somehow) xD Maybe I can convince the nubs from Seraphims to log back in


Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:33 am
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