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 GM Shop Guide For Newbies. 
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Post GM Shop Guide For Newbies.
Here's s simple guide for new people, GM Shop may seem complicated or just for buying stuff, but its a key for saving both time and Adena. hope it help's.

First this is the GMShop NPC:
Once double click, a window will pop up whit 2 pages available has follow:
Most of the Stuff is self explanatory,but once you press either one of the 3 menus for weapons/armors/jewels this menus will pop up has well you only have to choose the grade you need:

Ammo: This option once click will pop up a menu were you can buy the following:
Soul Shots: NG/D/C/B/A/S GRADES
Spirit Shots: NG/D/C/B/A/S GRADES
Blessed Spirit Shots: NG/D/C/B/A/S GRADES

Beast Soul Shots & Blessed Spirit Shots.
Arrows for normal archer and Kamael Classes: NG/D/C/B/A/S/ GRADES
Also packages of 1000 shots for every grade.

Vote/Event/Spoil menus are self-explanatory, But briefly, when you vote in the server web page (in the page there instruction on how to vote) you'll get a vote code, once in game you type .vote and a window will pop up, you put the code and you get 10 gold Eihasad coins, which you can trade for all kinds of stuff in the vote option in GMShop.

Same goes for event, participate in events and earn Festival Adena Which you can trade in the Event Option.

Spoil Option Is the same, by spoiling 3 types of crystal you can trade those for useful stuff has well to unseal cloaks of Frintezza and Zaken.
Places to Spoil: Blue Crystals = Cave Of Trails, Green Crystals = Frozen Areas, Red Crystals = Fortress Of Resistance (party only).

Misc. Gear is for buying Shirts and Bracelets.

Scrolls menu for buying the following:
Scrolls of enchant weapons: D/C/B/A/S GRADES
Scrolls of enchant armors: D/C/B/A/S GRADES

Scrolls of Escape: Normal/Clan Hall/Castle.
Scrolls of resurrection: Normal/Bless For Pets only.

Forgotten Option: This is for when you reach level 81 and up, this is the only way to learn you're classes forgotten skills, once click a new menu will pop up for the type of race you play, Example i play Dark Elf and Class Blade Dancer this is the processes:
Once Chosen you're class, a window will pop up whit the books you need.

And so on whit PvP Armor & weapons menu, luxury, fishing and S.Talisman Menus.

However the more useful thing about is the Service's Tab, Once click a new menu will pop up like this:
Has you can see you don't have to going up and down in town for you're need's.
You have Warehouse Option and Augmentation:
Name and Tittle color: (cost 100k each time you use it)
Dyes And you're characters Events Stats:

It also Has services such has Party Matching, Removal of both elements and pvp status in armor/weapons.

But the enchant option is the one its the most useful especially if you're an enchant maniac, this service allows you to enchant all you're stuff that you have equipped, up to +7 (which is max safe enchant in server)
Enchant menu: After the first click:
Once you enchanted a weapons armor etc etc, change gear and hit the refresh button and it will give to the option to enchant again whit out having to go back to the main menu.

Also siege info, just choose the castle you want the siege info and wola:

Clan Ads, Basically an Ad for you're clan if you're Clan Leader, or you don't have a clan, this a good option whit out using shout for !IM LOOKING FOR CLAN, xD
First click in clan Ads:
once press the tab the list of clans will pop up: (if there any xD)

In the bottom of the menu there's 3 extra tabs, 1 is for selling stuff you don't need instead of destroying it, another on call Key and last for tax Info, this last two show's like this:

Also A delevel Menu:

And Finally when you choose some of this options beware of that second window that pop's up along whit the items menu if you're not careful you can lose important stuff or have things lose enchants or special status soo always read this extra windows there usually like this one:

I hope this guide helps you.


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Post Re: GM Shop Guide For Newbies.
It's okay.. But i'm wondering if there's any newbie reading this one. :)

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