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 Hi again! 
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Post Hi again!
Hey guys, it's been a while since i visited the site and the server. I came back to check if my account still exists, and check on how things are going here since i left. Read most of the latest posts here, and saw the activity in game, so i think i get the picture.
The reason i made this thread is to share some of my thoughts, and ask a couple of questions. Didn't know where to place it, so i put in the general forum. Let the mods move it if it's the wrong section.
I wanna keep it short, but it probably won't be, so i'll add a tl;dr in the end if i can.

I'll start by saying that i'm glad to see the server still up and running. This was the reason that brought me here, and i'm glad that balls is still true to his word and didn't wipe it. Of course that topic is up to debate now and again, but my intention isn't to rekindle it here.
I went to check the official game after some time, and since it's the only other server that i know that doesn't plan to wipe, i started making some comparisons. I know it's not proper to compare official with a private server but hear me out first.

The main difference i noticed between the two is of course the pay2win situation, but that's not exactly the issue itself. The most obvious thing on official is that they strongly favor the older players, while here the tables are turned to the newbie's favor. This isn't by chance though, the whole structure of it is intentional by the admins. Τhey've built it that way for the newbies so that you'll have to pay a lot of cash if you ever want to compete with the old players, and here on the other hand it's built in a way that newbies can compete easily and much quicker with the old players on all stages of the game for free. Both cases produce certain obstacles. In the first case obviously you adopt the p2w mentality, which is despised by most people i think, and on the latter you leave the older players pretty much bored and with little motivation to stay on the server, since they haven't a lot to strive for. Which is part of the reason why people keep asking for more frequent and more updates in general here.

The second thing i notice is the behavior of the people. On the official you can't even talk in general chat until you're 75, and after that there's heavy enough moderation (as far as i've seen) to keep people civil enough. On private servers it is no secret that people are free to bring out their worst side, since private servers can't afford enough staff to moderate all the toxicity, and even when they do, they can't afford to reprimand them severely either, because they need the activity. In most cases i've seen, GMs will usually tend to the extreme cases of flame, or things that directly affect the server or staff only. I may be stating the obvious here, but both cases are understandable. The first rely on lootboxes strategy to pay for staff, but also hurt the game itself, and the other tries to save the integrity of the game with the consequence of leaving the people behaving as an angry mob sometimes, which reflects bad on the community as a whole, and distances new players that may decide to stay here.
Naturally i'm not saying that trash talking and the like haven't a place in games, we're not saints after all, but anyone who's been playing this game long enough can testify to the extent of the toxicity of the communities to the point that is now considered the norm, and since it's mostly populated by males, it is considered perhaps wrong or unnatural to expect anything less or to let it affect you directly.
Personally i find it a sad state of affairs, and very strange, since even those claiming to be callous and nonchalant about it, i doubt that they tolerate such behavior in their life environment, houses or job with the same attitude as they do here (on the forums at least). Then again, i noticed that people IRL and in game do have one thing in common and that's ad hominem. So i'll give them that.

Now, as they say "the truth lies somewhere in the middle", and i believe that. Both sides here, the players and the GM (balls) have some good points.
The server lacks activity, and that is due to various reasons. Mainly new and exciting things to do in game would be one, advertising could be the second, among others. The players have a right to expect such things, mostly because they care for the server and it's a shame to see it in a lesser state than it deserves. At least that's consensus i see here and from other forums online.
Balls on the other hand still has a right to take things at his own pace too though. He clearly is open with us about how things are, we know about his personal life commitments, and if we're honest it's a lot for one person to handle and excel at both. Usually the things that are needed for server changes are time and money, and i believe that time is the biggest restraint here.
It is no lie that a whole lot of work has been put into this server through the years, even if we tend to forget or neglect it because we're used to it. As is no lie that a big update for the server is long overdue, even if Balls doesn't owe us anything, i find it natural to expect so from the player's perspective.
You may have noticed that i offer no solution here, instead mostly stating the facts as i see them, and it's true. There are enough suggestions made on the forums already for Balls to choose from, so i don't think i'm gonna add one for now. I guess both sides have to work harder on it, and since it's a relationship built on trust, it's takes a lot for it to work. Players could bring friends here to play and help with activity issue, and Balls could spare more of his time to prepare something big instead of the dealing with day to day stuff. Each one though can make that decision for himself.

I'm curious btw what are the biggest things that i missed while i was gone. The biggest thing that i've noticed is that Vic clan is no more, and i couldn't find any of the members to tell me why that is. If any of them see this post, feel free to pm me about it please. From what i've heard they just left, but maybe there's more to it. I wonder who the next big clan/ally is. TAO is still around i see, but i don't know the other clans.
Also, i saw a post about the latest small updates, and even if it has been asked before, i wonder what are the plans for the next update. I don't even need an ETA, because i doubt i'll get one. Simply a general idea as to what we should expect next would suffice.

Those are the things i wanted to mention here. I would have added a tl;dr, but now that i think about it more, it would probably lead to confusion, so i'll leave the post as it is for those who care enough to read it. As a disclaimer though, anything i said above is purely my observation, and it doesn't mean that i'm right about any of them, it's simply my personal view.
That's it, and i hope you're all well!


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Post Re: Hi again!
Nice one

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Post Re: Hi again!
Hi there and thanks for posting!

Its good to see something thought out and not be totally negative, and being realistic.

I read this post a while back and didn't have time to post at that time, then forgot.


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